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Make it happen…


So in two weeks I’ll be at Gamescom with the Fun Punch Games team, showing off Strikers Edge, the multiplayer battle arena game I’m working on.


I’m taking the opportunity to show “Gateway” as well, to shop it around and see the public interest for it!

For that, I’m preparing a bunch of stuff to take with me, so expect some news on the blog soon, including the new teaser trailer and a new site for the game!

New enemy art

Well, it’s a been a long time since I wrote something here…

The main reason is that I’m working in game development as a job, so most of my free time I don’t feel the urge to code games so much as before…

In case you’re curious, I’m working on “Striker’s Edge”, an arena based multiplayer game (both online and couch mode)… I’m working mainly on the network, AI and replay systems.

Here’s the teaser for it:

Anyway, this week I got some new art assets for the enemies, and I put them in the game to see how they look…



I’m not very happy with them… The sawblade is too large, the red one is difficult to make up in this area, the yellow one is hard to see on the desert… So, they still need a lot of work, even if they already look way better than the previous ones.

Anyway, it felt good working on Gateway again… Need to get my act together and really plunge into it once again!

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Bug fixing

Today I kind of had some time to work on “Gateway”, so I started working on loads of bugs I’ve found while working on the prototype.

Most of the ones I tackled today were pirate lair related…


It was some bad spawns, the whirlwind laser wasn’t hitting the player, cannons were firing on the wrong place, and such other stuff…

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A bit on an update!

No, the game isn’t dead! Smile

I’ve been working a game/multimedia development studio in the last few months, and my schedule has been a bit hectic, hence no updates for a while.

A lot of good things have come out of it… I’m loving my work, and I’m making new contacts!


Anyway, there has been some small interest in a couple of publishers about “Gateway”, so I’ve been preparing a demo for them to try it out and see if that interest can translate in some agreement to finance the last of the development of Gateway.

So, I did a lot of work on making the game more stable and intuitive, and I’ve prepared some documents and a gameplay video as well:

Hopefully this will help me and the company I work for secure funding to finish the game! Fingers crossed!

Just a quick update…

As updates to the blog are being a bit sporadic, a little explanation is in order…

I’ve started work on a new company, in game development… The problem with most new companies is that things are always really busy, getting contracts, financing, the instability of it all, etc, etc, etc, and as such, I’ve been working really hard, with no time beyond that to work on Gateway or any of my other projects and hobbies…

So, while this doesn’t mark the end of my projects, it will take me a while to be able to dedicate some time to them again, especially in this first month!

Things will go back to normal one way or the other! 🙂

Until then, just keep looking into the blog or on the Facebook page for some more info!


Today I squashed an old bug…

I had a cave planet whose generation ended up being this:


So the player couldn’t get out of the initial drop zone!

I have a lot of code to try to prevent this sort of thing, but sometimes some stuff falls through the cracks… That’s actually one of the big problems of procedural generation: you either have very boring and similar areas, or you risk having bad gameplay situations.


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As most (all?) coders in the world, I hate writing documentation…

That’s what I did today, to finish off my work for OldJob™… So, I’m theoretically done with it (although I probably have some bugs to fix still, but let’s see)!

Next couple of days I’m going to finish getting ready for my NewJob™, go on a short vacation, then I’m getting some friends over for a week while starting the NewJob™…

So, I’ll have a busy couple of weeks, and I don’t expect much to get done on Gateway, so expect the blog posts to be a bit more sporadic!

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Finishing the old work…

Today I finished getting my lab ready (well, it’s never really ready, but close enough):


I’ve installed Linux Mint, but it has some issues with my friend Synergy… Hopefully I’ll be able to fix them and still use it, since it’s quite nice (at least until now)…

Anyway, I’m finishing my work for my old employer… Just need to write some documentation to pass over the code, which will be quite boring… Disappointed smile Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to finish this and say goodbye once and for all! My heart really isn’t in this anymore!

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Doing some multitasking…

So working on two things at the same time: getting a Linux Mint install to work properly, and finding a good way to debug/profile compute shaders…

Decided to try Linux Mint because I ran into a problem with some updates on Ubuntu 14.04… It’s not the first time this happens. I install something on Ubuntu and something breaks down and I spend several hours trying to figure out how to recover from it… This time, it was once too much, so I decided to try something different.

Unfortunately, when I try to install the NVidia drivers from their site something goes wrong and I get stuck on the login screen… I think it has something to do with how I’m uninstalling the nouveau drivers. For now, I’m leaving the drivers as is, since I need to do some work for my OldJob™ and I require a working Linux machine for it.

At the same time, I’m also trying to figure a good way to profile compute shaders. I got AMD’s GPU PerfStudio working, and it provides me some good info (apparently my reduce shader is taking 2ms to reduce 33 million elements), but this doesn’t account for retrieving the actual data, because everytime I add the code to lock the output buffer (through a Map method), it crashes the PerfStudio server…

So, not sure on how to proceed on that… Don’t see anybody else on the Internet with this issue, but I’ll keep on looking… Disappointed smile

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