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And the winner is…

…not Gateway! Yesterday was the the prize cerimoney for the Playstation Talents 2016, and Gateway was one of the 10 finalists, along with some others (links in the bottom). It was a nice ceremony, with improv comedy and a lot of awards… Unfortunately, Gateway didn’t win “Best Game”, but it did win “Best Use of […]

Finished the trailer!

Now all that remains is to decide on when/how to launch it… The idea was to do it ASAP, but now I’m thinking if it’s smart, since all my development plans are a bit up in the wind… Anyway, back to map editing… Now listening to “Heaven Still Burns” by “Absentia” Link of the Day: […]

Still trailering…

So this is what I’m staring at for the last 3 hours… This sort of video production app is so slow, and my computer, while not AMAZING, it’s quite good… It takes forever to adjust stuff to the audio… Tomorrow I’ll do a final render on this, hopefully, and then I have to think on […]

Back to Premiere

So, as I said, I received the amazing music for the trailer, so now it’s time to adjust the timings, etc. Problem with that is that my Premiere is acting a bit wonky… Before I just pressed “play” and I could see a segment to make small adjustments… But now, I press play, it takes […]

Final tweaks

I’m doing the final pre-music tweaks on the trailer, based on feedback from friends… After I finish this, I’m sending this over to the musician so he can work his magic! He’s rather busy at the moment, doing recordings for his band’s new album, but he’ll get on it when he can! Not sure on […]

Fine tuning…

Well, my first experiment with the teaser trailer was disappointing… It has some good ideas, but the timings are absolutely terrible! Been working most of the day on getting a better feel for it… Everything looks cools in the preview window, but as soon as I render the video (which takes about 20 minutes), I […]

Cutting, transition, cards, rinse, repeat…

Hard at work on the teaser trailer… This is especially hard because it’s not my comfort zone at all… I have to stop every 5 minutes to check how you do something in Adobe Premiere, then choosing the right bits, all the while keeping track of the timings… This last part is particularly hard for […]

More work on the trailer

Kept working on the teaser trailer… This is very time consuming, especially because I keep finding small performance issues that aren’t visible in the small areas where the game usually takes place, but become huge bottlenecks when I’m using such a big area (about nine times as big)… Since I can’t afford a top-of-the-line video […]

Teaser trailer work

Started working on the teaser trailer for the game… Maybe it’s a bit premature, but it’s good for my motivation to see this sort of thing taking shape! Anyway, had some difficulty with the tech part of it, since I wanted a big map to be able to navigate through it, but the game engine […]

More bugs and press stuff

Still working on the press stuff, making screenshots, etc… So that the screenshots reflect the current state of the actual game, I’m running the game in “Final” mode, and that (of course) gave rise to some more bugs, so I’m fixing those by adding a “stack tracer”, which is a piece of code that when […]