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PAX South

So last week I was at PAX South… I was there to show Strikers Edge to the American audience for the first time, and it was very cool… People seem to enjoy it and we never had a moment’s rest! I also took the opportunity (and since we could spare the space in our booth) […]

And the winner is…

…not Gateway! Yesterday was the the prize cerimoney for the Playstation Talents 2016, and Gateway was one of the 10 finalists, along with some others (links in the bottom). It was a nice ceremony, with improv comedy and a lot of awards… Unfortunately, Gateway didn’t win “Best Game”, but it did win “Best Use of […]

So ComicCon 2016 is done!

It was very tiring, but very cool! The fixes we’ve done on Gateway from the feedback we got at the Lisboa Games Week really paid off, we had almost none negative feedback, which feels great! This was our display space: Our master of public communication: A lot of people, specially on Saturday: And a group […]

ComicCon Portugal

So tomorrow we’re on our way to ComicCon Portugal! We’re going to show Gateway again, in the indie games area, hopefully get more feedback. This new version includes a few things people suggested at the Lisboa Games Week, and has some more features and balancing on it, so even if you checked it out on […]

Lisboa Games Week

From tomorrow until Sunday, we’ll be at the Lisboa Games Week, at the Playstation Talents booth demonstrating Gateway for whoever wants to check it out, play it and chat a bit about the game! Lisboa Games Week will be an event in (you guessed it) Lisboa. Everything game related will be there, like E-Sports, new […]

Loads of news

I’m a terrible communicator… I should have done this post more than a week ago, but with crunch going on for Strikers Edge, time has been at a premium! Anyway, on to the news… First, Strikers Edge has gone into beta! It’s going alright… Most bugs found so far have the same root (which we’re […]

Back from Gamescom

So, last week I came back from Gamescom! On a personal level, it was very tiring, but I had a blast… Got to meet such great developers, have interesting discussions, look at some amazing indie games; it was really great to feel like a part of the industry! On a business level, it also went […]

New teaser trailer!

So, as I promised, here’s some new stuff! I’ve finally finished the teaser trailer for Gateway:   This also marks the new site for Gateway. You can access it on the menu above, or on this link: http://www.spellcasterstudios.com/gateway.


So in two weeks I’ll be at Gamescom with the Fun Punch Games team, showing off Strikers Edge, the multiplayer battle arena game I’m working on.   I’m taking the opportunity to show “Gateway” as well, to shop it around and see the public interest for it! For that, I’m preparing a bunch of stuff […]

Just a quick update…

As updates to the blog are being a bit sporadic, a little explanation is in order… I’ve started work on a new company, in game development… The problem with most new companies is that things are always really busy, getting contracts, financing, the instability of it all, etc, etc, etc, and as such, I’ve been […]