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More grass

Worked a bit more on grass today… In the process I found a silly bug with the terrain generation: The water over there should have a barrier making a basin… The reason for this was that the terrain around it was marked as “static” (because it’s rock), but it shouldn’t in this case… The result […]

Landing cutscene

The transition between being on the ship and being on the planet was a bit abrupt, it felt disconnected in some way, so I’ve added a small cutscene that shows the ship landing on the planet… This way the game feels more “continuous”… Now listening to “Nifelvind” by “Finntroll” Link of the Day: This is […]

Polished explosions

Somewhere in the last updates (OpenGL and even before), I spoiled the explosion effect: Fixing it was relatively easy, but then I noticed that the explosion was missing smoke particles: Unfortunately, adding smoke particles would require some depth sorting, or else the explosion would loose its brightness, which is not what I wanted… After mucking […]

New pulse cannon effect

Still working on the game polish, focusing on the weapon effects, mostly replacing the old “line drawing” effect for a better effect, using actual quad rendering and pre-multiplied alpha: Looks much better than the old version (of which I can’t find any screenshots ). Polish phase is fun but very time consuming! Now listening to […]

Bad screenshot, no cookie!

This is one of those screenshots that really demotivates me: I was putting in the new spawner model for the robots, and after a big fight because I forgot a stupid flag, I got it in the game and took this screenshot… The amount of things that are terrible in this is amazing: The spawner […]


Well, I was supposed to start working on the new random mission system (the main part of Phase Two), but I started by writing the shotgun descriptions for the shop, and then I started playing around with it, and decided to improve the visuals slightly: The small “explosions” are very fast, and they show the […]

More effects…

Well, at this rate I won’t finish the story part by Sunday, but sometimes playing with effects is so much fun… Today, I kind of lost track of time working on the background effect of the last area, which led to a very interesting effect, which lends the whole area a completely different tone… So, […]

The endless reference bug…

Today I worked a bit more on the last area of the game… Deliberately blurry so I don’t spoil anything… Anyway, because of the transition and the fight going on in the previous area, I found a silly bug, which is quite recurrent in all systems I built: references. Basically, the Lua threads that are […]

Finished the “tentacle” shader

Finally! Had to give up on the idea of using a ray-marching style algorithm, or most of the algorithms that generated the texture on the fly… The amount of iterations most of them require would require a high-end machine, and then I’d need to have a fallback, etc… For such a low tech game, I […]

UI overhaul

Today I had a friend of mine coming by and seeing the game… He kindly offered to work on the UI of the game, which is awesome. He’s a very talented artist, so we here welcome his help! I’m sure we will go from this: to something that looks good! Now listening to “Universal Migrator, […]