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Building visuals

Today I didn’t have much time to work on the game, but it was highly productive… I was trying out different approaches to the visuals on the corporate facility, playing with tilesets and lighting to achieve a proper mood… First, I tried just the classic red lighting: It looks good, but it’s a bit cliché […]

Random spawns

Today I’ve added one more cutscene to the storyline (an important one, too!), and added a new type of enemy: the ninja! I call it ninja, but he’s more of a warrior-cultist kind of thing… but he periodically (or when he takes a lot of damage), he disappears in a puff of smoke, only to […]

Battle stations!

Don’t want to talk too much about what I’m doing at this moment (it’s an important moment in the story, and I don’t want to spoil it)… Let’s just say that Steve and the Skydancer go into battle stations: Red alarm light always gives some urgency to the scene, especially if I can find a […]

Playthrough, Part IX

As usual on Mondays, not much time/energy to work on the game, so I started on the next cutscene that leads to a new phase in the game… Without giving too much away, I needed a ship: And I needed it to be bigger than Skydancer, but the map doesn’t have enough space for it… […]

Playthrough, Part VII

Continuing the path through the game, I had to build one more temple… First problem I had: because of the procedural generation and random factor, the temple was spawning in a cave planet, which meant that all was dark, so any cutscene would have to account for the possibility of this happen, which makes matters […]


Today I finished the grenades, including the shock grenade… For that, I had to create a new electricity effect! Was a bit hard fine-tuning it (one of the reasons I’m a terrible artist is that I’m very lazy!), but it was well worth it: It looks really cool in movement (need to start making videos […]