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New assets…

What should be just 15 minutes of my time ended up being a couple of hours today… The artist provided me some new props for the labs, and I was putting them into the game, but I couldn’t get them to display! After a lot of time of fruitless debugging, the issue ended up being […]

Welcome detour

Had a welcome detour today… My artist finally finished the diagonal movements of the main player, so I had to see how that looked… Before, I had only the 4 major directions, which translated in something like this: Now, the sprite has eight directions! It looks much better! This required me to add a new […]

New beam cannon

While playing around with the beam cannon, I found some visual glitches with the line drawing code, which ended up not being solvable by simple methods (they were basically a consequence of trying to use a line to draw what’s more accurately a cylinder). So, after trying to fix this still using the line code, […]

And moss becomes cracks…

Well, this was unexpected and shows the highly mutable nature of game development… When I started of on this asteroid polishing, I wanted to add alien moss… After a lot of experiments, tweaks, texturing, shader work, etc, I got to something that’s way simpler, but looks better: cracks on the ground! It’s better than the […]

Still moss…

This took a bit longer than expected… Had to implement a decent Perlin noise implementation, and had to do a million tweaks… First, I had to go back on the drawing board (thought I had an error), and build a decal that shows the ambient occlusion (which looks fairly cool!): Then I had to create […]

Spherical planets

I’ve been a bit demotivated in the last few days… No reason in particular, think I’m just tired from the DayJob™, but because of that I haven’t been very productive… Today I only managed to make the planets spherical when we’re in orbit, which should have taken me 10 minutes, and it took me over […]

I have such meager skills for art…

Today I mostly worked on the skybox, trying to get a good result, that works nicely with the ground planet (for the reflection) and for the skybox… This is the best I could do, glueing together several textures, etc: It’s not bad, but too sparse, because I have to guarantee a fade out so we […]

More multithreading…

Think I finally squashed the last bugs caused by the multithreading system… After a lot of logging, it was fairly easy to fix, the difficulty was finding out exactly where things were going wrong… Also fixed a lot of small pending bugs (mostly waiting on things to go wrong with the multithreading), and added some […]

More grass

Worked a bit more on grass today… In the process I found a silly bug with the terrain generation: The water over there should have a barrier making a basin… The reason for this was that the terrain around it was marked as “static” (because it’s rock), but it shouldn’t in this case… The result […]

Landing cutscene

The transition between being on the ship and being on the planet was a bit abrupt, it felt disconnected in some way, so I’ve added a small cutscene that shows the ship landing on the planet… This way the game feels more “continuous”… Now listening to “Nifelvind” by “Finntroll” Link of the Day: This is […]