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Don’t have much time for game development, since today is actually my wedding anniversary… So I just added the selection capability to the action mapper and UI map… Unfortunately, just remembered I still have a very complex component to make for the UI Map system: the scrolling components… That one will be tricky to add […]

Mapping actions…

Most of the major code of the action mapper is done, now I need to convert the existing code to use the action mapper instead of the previous systems… On some cases this might prove tricky (the email viewer, for example), since it was one of the first things I’ve created, so it’s a bit […]

The action mapper

Two things I was still missing from the core tech was the ability to redefine keys (not everyone likes my layout, of course, and people with keyboards different from QWERTY might have some difficulty using WASD), and controller support. For both of these, I need to build an action mapper. This is an abstraction layer […]

Mac port working!

Yeah, I got the Mac version working! No sound for some reason (need to investigate), but working fine as far as I can see… The weird part was that I was expecting to have to upgrade the shaders (I’m using version 1.40, which correspond to OpenGL 3.1, and this context is not backwards compatible), but […]

Mac port, Part 3

…and a big problem! So, I got the game to compile, and link… Was a bit of work, but most of the hardest part was done before on the Linux port, since they’re very similar… And then I find out that Yosemite (the current version of OSX) only supports OpenGL 3.2 (and upwards) and below […]

Mac port, Part 2

So, more work on the Mac port today… XCode is so full of weirdness… Maybe for a Mac-head, it all makes perfect sense, but for me, it seems it goes the most roundabout way possible to do simple stuff like linking projects (with dependencies), etc… So, small list of issues today (and solutions, in case […]

Mac port, Part 1

So today I started the Mac port… Half of it was lost updating the company’s Mac (I haven’t used it in ages), another 25% loading up my repository (almost 2Gb of data off-site), and then the rest in trying to figure out how the Mac actually works… At first look it seems like a Linux […]

Issues with performance

Today I was trying to test the game in fullscreen under Linux and I found a weird performance issue… In the initial cutscene, the game was running very slow (about 30 FPS), but when I moved the player to the left a bit (so more geometry on screen), the game jumped to the normal 60 […]

Working Linux build!

And after a lot of tears, blood and sweat, I got a Linux build of the game working 100%! Even sound is working perfectly! Now I’m feeling the urge to get this working on the Mac as well, but I’m not sure if I want to fight that battle just yet… Maybe I’ll look into […]

64-bit Windows Build

Finished today the 64-bit windows build… This was a bit more work than I expected, since there was small stuff that wasn’t prepared for that, bugs to sort out, linkage issues, etc… Anyway, got it up and running and now I can pass those changes to the Linux version, and see if that works properly […]