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Shader quality

Just added a shader quality system to the game, so that some shaders can be customized for less-powerfull GPUs (like the one I have on my Mac). Currently, only the ambient occlusion stuff is affected by it (since the Mac seems to be sampling-limited). So, without AO: Maximum shader quality: Minimum shader quality: Not amazing, […]

Occlusion on water

Still working on the occlusion on the water… The major problem is that this is very render-pipeline dependent. I have to render the water in the depth/normal pass, or else I won’t have decals, so I’m kind of stuck with what I can do with it… So, I decided to try a different approach: use […]

Cache issue fixed

So the bug I found yesterday was cache related… The planet (including the flow map) was being regenerated when I went back to the ship, but the associated areas weren’t, so they were still drawing the old data… Took me a bit to figure out, because I couldn’t do any debugging in debug mode, because […]

Crash analysis

Well, the crash I thought was gone wasn’t that gone… Took me a bit to track it down, but finally I got it down… At first, it seemed to be a memory corruption somewhere, but it only manifested itself on the Mac build. Activating memory guard and other helper debugging tools didn’t show any memory […]

More static analysis

Finished up the static analysis and fixed all of the issues, except a real no-issue with an external library… The crash I was getting on Mac seems to be gone as well, but I need more testing to make sure… As I’ve mentioned, my life has taken a bit of turn in the last couple […]

Savegames done!

Finally… Took me way longer than I wanted, but given the circumstances, it was the possible timeline… And I can even go from binary to XML, which is good for hacking for tests… In the meantime, the artist finished the new version of the table assets, so I’m going to place that in the game, […]

Loading savegames…

Still working on this (and hitting myself in the head for not doing a more common system for this in the beginning, more “abstract”). Anyway, reached an issue that will make the code altogether more complicated… On the XML loader, the player data (positions, weapons, etc) is stored in an XML node, so when loading […]

Work, work, work…

Note to self: always do ASCII/binary save game code in parallel, or using some sort of abstraction… :\ Actually, I usually do this, a bit more data-driven approach than with this game, but since this game is a the Frankenstein of games, I’m paying the cost (technological debt) yet again… This game would have been […]

Savegames done…

New version of the savegames, now in binary, is complete… Used to take 2 to 9 seconds to make a save in XML, now it takes 50 ms… So, that’s a win! Next step, load the savegame, which should be the easy part… Would have been done by now, if I wasn’t still sorting some […]