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Argh, more precision bugs!

The days started great… Added the “grass” shader to OpenGL, and added the option to hide the UI (great for screenshots), and was adding something pretty cool: water splashes when the player jumps or falls into water. In the process, I found another silly precision bug (that of course, manifests if I switch renderers): when […]

More grass

Worked a bit more on grass today… In the process I found a silly bug with the terrain generation: The water over there should have a barrier making a basin… The reason for this was that the terrain around it was marked as “static” (because it’s rock), but it shouldn’t in this case… The result […]


Working on grass for the alien planet… Results are absolutely terrible! First I tried putting in grass in a triangular pattern, so you could look at it from any angle (for cutscenes, mainly)… The first problem shows up… The normal of one or two prongs will always be extra dark, which will cause the ugliness […]

Alien planet polish

Started the polishing of the alien planet… This is the initial state: Very barren, looks artificial,etc… Started by the usual places: getting the water flow/rivers working, improving the terrain generation… My focus was really off today, so this went way slower than it should… Then I added crystals to the landscape, which helps with the […]

More bugs down!

Today was mostly a bug-hunting day, but I had time to do other stuff… First things first, I removed one of the big bugs in the game: a raycast issue that would sometimes cause the game to freeze… This was very hard to detect, but after I found a way to replicate it consistently, it […]

That was quick…

Finished the polish of the swamp level… Quite impressive, to be honest, since I was expecting it to take more or less the same time as the previous ones… Added a rain effect, which worked great! And then, for good measure, added some droplets in the water, to simulate the splash, using some decals: The […]

Polishing the swamp…

Today I started polishing the swamp… First, I added the water with the flow… This was way more work than it should, but since I don’t have rivers, I don’t have a notion of flow, so I had to invent one… Basically, what happens here is that the water will try to move in one […]

I hate precision issues…

So, better camp sites (more seamless with the surroundings): And then I decided to tackle a bug that was plaguing me for some time: the world generation on Direct3D and OpenGL were yielding different results: OpenGL on the left, D3D9 on the right… Way different… After a load of time and logging, I finally found […]

More bug fixing

Not much time to work on the game today, so I mostly took care of some outstanding bugs related to the placement of enemies. This sort of case would happen pretty often: Note that spawner would overlap the lava… The issue was that when considering places to position enemies, I’d only search for a single […]

Navigation and bugs

Today I tackled a difficult subsystem: the “make sure you can walk everywhere” system. I have a system that makes sure the player can walk on all the game area, and usually it would raise/lower terrain to achieve that… That work relatively well, but with the rivers, etc, lowering and raising terrain would sometimes screw […]