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More on explosions…

I’ve worked a bit more on the new explosion effect. So, as last week, we’re looking at one part of the effect at a time. We started with the flame part now: I like the turbulence of this one, but it doesn’t fit, so we tried two approaches… One was using untextured quads: It doesn’t […]

Target area

Because of the specificities of the controller support, I added two (big) changes in the shooting system… One is that the equipment triggering is done on “button release”, instead of on “button press”… On “Gateway”, equipment is the teleporter, the grenades, everything that doesn’t actually shoot. Before, as soon as you clicked the right mouse […]

Gamepad shooting, part 1

Added this to the game today, and it works fine, although it feels weird, especially since I spent the last one year playing the game with keyboard and mouse… Most of the work today was more game design related than tech, fine tuning parameters so that shooting feels fine/cool… For the normal weapons, I feel […]

Movement system with gamepad

Finished the movement code with the gamepad… The control system is dynamic, that is, if you start using the gamepad, the mouse cursor disappears and you’re in gamepad mode, but if you move the mouse, the cursor reappears and you can play with the keyboard and mouse again… That’s important, since there’s a lot of […]

Gamepad groundwork done

Finished the groundwork for the gamepad support on Gateway… Went rather well, already got the menu control with the controller working, which is great! Tomorrow I’ll probably make the player move with the gamepad and maybe start on the shooting code as well… Without screenshots, these updates look very small! Now listening to “Instrumental Core”

GLFW and DirectX

Well, just finished to hack a version of GLFW that can work with DirectX… Basically, I just created a #define that allows to shut down all the OpenGL, window management, etc of GLFW, and built the library with it… It was rather simple, just time consuming (searching for all the OpenGL functions, etc). Now I […]

Working on a new feature…

This one: Controller support for Gateway! I’ve been meaning to add this for a long time, but some higher priority stuff came along… I really want to use GLFW for it, since the API seems nice and it does most stuff I want it to do, but on the other hand I can’t use the […]

Bit of an hiatus…

Sorry about it, guys, but I’ve been really busy with real life stuff, and really incapable of making time to develop the game… Doesn’t help motivation is a tad low at the moment… Anyway, here’s hoping this week I’ll get back to normal! So, one of the complaints I had from the Game Dev Camp […]