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More Lua

Well, if you’ve been following this blog, you already know that I use Lua to script everything in the game… it’s a great language, but sometimes it has its quirks… I spend the last couple of days trying to solve an issue that arose when I lifeshaped exactly 10 imps to life… the 10th one […]

Effect systems, revisited

This last week I’ve been spending my free time working on the effect system, again… I remembered that I have the need to parameterize effects (for example, cast effects must take parameters like the target position or the cast time), and for that I had to refactor the whole thing yet again… Good news: I […]

New UI system

In the last weeks, I’ve been working on and off in my new UI system… It’s about the 100th time I try to make an UI system for a game, since I always end up with a system that I don’t like… First of all, I hate UI work, it’s simply not fun… Second, I’m […]

Better lighting

This weekend I’ve worked a lot on the lighting system of Grey… As I said in previous entries, I’ve decided to add gamma correction into the engine… Simply put, the colors we see on the screen are not linear (due in part to old technology that couldn’t do linear intensities, and now because we want […]

Bone system refactoring

I had one of those “I’m just changing this, it will have no impact…” moments which I deeply regretted some two weeks later… I decided I wanted to change the XML format of the editor file slightly, to improve loading speeds and to make the hot-swap of resources simpler… in the process, I decided that […]

Progress update…

Although there hasn’t been much updates in the blog, work has been very productive lately… First of all, Rincewind has started modeling the new “Grey” character, based on this concept I may have posted this before, but there you go… He has a more “wildman” streak to it, which is a bit more different than […]

GUI work…

One of the main problems in my games is the GUI (Graphic User Interface)… I never really found a good way to build controls and iterate different GUIs, which led me to hating GUI work and usually doing a terrible job at it! On Grey, the GUI is very important, and as such I don’t […]

Formatted text…

I’m on vacation, but since I don’t have much access to technology (since I’m visiting neglected friends, etc), I haven’t had much time to work on Grey. Anyway, my latest development was that I built a “formatted text” control… The idea was to use some XML-based language (similar to HTML) and use it to describe […]