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Random spawns

Today I’ve added one more cutscene to the storyline (an important one, too!), and added a new type of enemy: the ninja! I call it ninja, but he’s more of a warrior-cultist kind of thing… but he periodically (or when he takes a lot of damage), he disappears in a puff of smoke, only to […]


Today I finished the grenades, including the shock grenade… For that, I had to create a new electricity effect! Was a bit hard fine-tuning it (one of the reasons I’m a terrible artist is that I’m very lazy!), but it was well worth it: It looks really cool in movement (need to start making videos […]


Worked on the grenades today. Finished the explosive grenade, and got the flashbang and stun grenades working properly, just missing the shock grenade (it’s like a stun grenade but for electronics). And even that’s only missing the special effect, the logic is already there… The flashbang does a fog effect around the player (or blinds […]


Today I started by adding some stars to the background of the asteroid… In the process, I found a bug… Can you see if you can spot it? And this is fixed: Very hard to detect, unless it was moving (you can see above the stars!)… There was a problem with the ceiling UVs, which […]


Let me tell you a story… As I said yesterday, I felt a real drop in performance with the pirate lair, and I couldn’t figure out what was the issue. The normal course of action (if you don’t have a decent profiler or are too lazy to find a free one) is to shut down […]

Pirate Lairs

Today I revisited the pirate lairs, adding a lot of new stuff, like rock walls, props, loot at the end and fixing a lot of small bugs. In the screenshot above, I removed the roof to be able to look inside. I’m having a performance issue somewhere on the lairs… Not sure if it is […]

First person mode

Today I wasn’t feeling like working on storyline stuff (need to grind for some alloy to get to the next planet in the story)… As I was talking this afternoon with my colleagues, I playfully said that I had to try the game in first person mode one of these days… And “one of these […]


Just added the second feature of the caves: the bats! These are small, low-health enemies meant to annoy the player and distract him from the real danger of the rockfalls! I don’t have the art for it yet, so I’m using the player sprites to do the gameplay logic! So, I’m done with the cave […]


Just added another game entity/enemy: the rockfall! In certain places (currently only on the cave temple), there’s falling rocks, which damage the player and knock him back (which may cause him to fall down and splat!). It was surprisingly easy to put in, which is pretty good (and unexpected, most new entities give me some […]