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Close, but not there…

Found some of the problems of the system yesterday, but the results are still terrible: It was inverted on this screenshot due to lack of correction of texture coordinates to screen coordinates. Anyway, the problem I’m having is reconstructing the camera-relative position of the pixels, based on the depth and field-of-view… Something is going wrong […]

First trial!

..and it didn’t go very well… I can distinguish some features (if I move around), but it seems… wrong… It’s like only the part in the middle Y of the screen is having ambient occlusion computed more or less correctly, and I’ve been looking at this shader for almost one hour and I can’t figure […]

Computing a basis

For the SSAO, we have to compute a basis for the points to be able to do the random sampling… My linear algebra was a bit rusted, but I found the Gram-Schmidt process to be useful for this. Basically it creates a geometric orthogonal from vectors, which define a local space, in my case aligned […]

View-space normals

Working on this a couple of hours at a time is not efficient, but time has been rather short lately… Anyway, added view-space normals to the renderer, so I can do the screenspace effect: It doesn’t seem very different, but it is… Anyway, I need the view-space normals because I’m using view space positions, and […]

So much lost time…

So today I started implementing SSAO, and it was demoralizing… I was looking into my old SSAO shaders, and I decided to implement the simple version before moving towards more complex versions, and I hit the first hurdle… When I started work on my deferred renderer (which was going to be used by the SSAO […]


Added an override system for most graphics operations… Was a bit of work, time-wise, but easy stuff! Now I can get a screen with just the actual normals: or depth (exaggerated, so we can actually notice the difference): The lines are due to the fact that the render target is just a normal 8-bit render […]

Render to texture

Good news, everyone! Got render to texture working (on Direct3D only for now)… Bad news… Above we should only see the normals of the scene (world space), but the player character is transparent… The reason is that it gets rendered with alpha blending, since I don’t have a global way to shut it down… Need […]