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Finished balancing the last boss today, yay! It might not be a big challenge if the player is well geared, but it still requires some attention and a moderate amount of skill! Just missing three more elements and first pass is done: Equipment Screen Health Injectors Title Screen (to replace the ugly one below): It […]

More work on the cutscene

Second part of the cutscene is done… This is a bit slow going because my “tools” to make them are crap… If I had on Cantrip the tools I have on Spellbook, this would have been done for ages now! Since this part takes place in a familiar place, I can do a not-censured screenshot! […]

Level design is really hard!

Working on the level design of the last area of the game, and it’s really slow going… The problem is that I’m measuring difficulty with my own skill set, which is very high for this game at this point… On the other hand, I don’t want to make it easier than I have to, since […]

Back to cutscenes…

Back from the IBC in Amsterdam, and into the cutscenes! Since this is the last few cutscenes of the game, and the last setting, I’m keeping it under wraps… Working cutscenes is a bit hard sometimes… Text and dialogues don’t flow on demand, and it takes multiple iterations to get right (at least to my […]


Today I started work on the last scene of the game, the final conflict! I don’t want to give much away at this time, so this is the only viable screenshot: Anyway, this last part will have an unique enemy, which will be very different from the previous ones, and visually will be mostly procedurally […]

Cutscene finally over!

As the title indicates, I finally finished the cutscene I was working on… This one was very challenging… First, the camera angles and the motion was a bit off… I couldn’t really tell what was wrong with it, but I needed a lot of trial and error to get it to feel right. The problem […]