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Gameplay/Tech tweaks

Today I mostly worked on tweaking the targeting system of the game. Gateway is a game that has a lot of shooting, so that has to be fun… The last thing we want is the player thinking “I was clicking on the enemy, why was the weapon missing?!”, even if it is 100% correct from […]

Mostly writing…

The perfect storm: not much free time, and a new WoW expansion=not much work done today… As the title says, mostly writing… I intended to write at least one weapon description per-day, but I really fell behind on that, since I’m very lazy… So, today, instead of carrying on work with the AI, I decided […]

Random Missions: Escort done!

Finished the escort mission today… There were some tricky stuff that I didn’t consider (surprise!), mostly related to the fact that game objects weren’t created to be able to transit from area to area! Anyway, it’s now sorted and it’s not a bad mission type… Escort person moves fairly fast, so none of those “boring” […]

Random Missions: Escort

Today I started work on the “Escort” mission… Because everybody loves escort missions, right? Right? Guys? Still only have 3 or 4 variations of text for the escort missions, so I have to add more… The objective of the escort missions is to protect someone while fighting enemies that randomly spawn around the player. Need […]

Random missions: Additional areas

Today I just created areas for the random missions… These are just small areas that get placed on the mission planets when they spawn for a mission… Next step in the game’s development is to create the “Rescue” mission. Now listening to “Poetry to the Poisoned” by “Kamelot” Link of the Day: Either this will […]

Random Missions: Infestation

Today I wasn’t very motivated, an overall lack of energy… So I started by doing some writing, but the inspiration wasn’t great… Then I moved towards some research (mainly decals, ended up on this link which is probably the approach I’ll follow, although I’m not using deferred rendering on this game: goo.gl/S8o2W2)… Finally, decided to […]