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Split mechanic and good ideas on paper…

Today I implemented the split mechanic… I wanted something to beef up some boss fights, and I decided to implement a split mechanic: when some robots explode, they spawn two (or more) versions of himself, at half strength… Visually, it’s not done (it’s too sudden, needs some transition, like an explosion or teleport effect), but […]

Finished shooting…

That’s right, you heard it here first! I’ve finished the new shooting AI system, and the rebalancing of all weapons… There still might be some work there, with feedback from beta testers, but the basic work is done there! Now listening to “The Theory of Everything” by “Ayreon”

Weapon balancing

Today I didn’t have much time, so I spend just an hour or so balancing weapons (mainly firing rates, etc). Some of the difficulty is understanding why isn’t a weapon firing, when the enemy has two weapons… For example, the enemy I’m testing now has a machine gun and thermal grenades, so he takes the […]

Balancing the electro-cannon

Today I’m fiddling around with the electro-cannon… This is a weird weapon, because it works differently if the player fires hit or the enemies… When the player hits an enemy with the electro-cannon, they get stunned for a short while… When the player is hit, it just takes damage… I wasn’t happy with it… The […]

Pulse gun fine tuning

Spent most of today fine tuning more weapons, mainly the pulse cannon… The pulse cannon is one my favorite weapons, because the build up time let’s the player prepare for the shot, which makes it cool to avoid! Also added a plasma burn to the place where it hits, because it’s cool… Also spent some […]

Like a see-saw…

Some more balancing today, switching between weapon balancing/testing and experimenting with some gameplay mechanics… I know they should be locked down by now, but I can’t help myself… First change in the gameplay is that shields no longer have a fail rate… It was just looking weird, and I can achieve the same actual result […]

Balancing weapons

Today I mostly worked in balancing the weapons… Not much to say about it, I basically just spawn an enemy with different weapons and different levels, and see how does it feel… Then I adjust it and try it again, over and over again… The game so far was “mathematically balanced”, which means I had […]

Text review

I’m in Belgium for work, and I hate programming on the laptop (keyboard layout is not confortable), so this is a good time to do a scan of the text of the game, searching for errors and tweaking pieces of text… Boring work, though… Now listening to “The Singularity” by “Scar Symmetry” Link of the […]


I had a small kitchen accident and I cut one of my fingers, so I’m having a lot of difficulty coding and writing… So I decided to try something way different: actually playing the game and tweaking weapon parameters… This is actually something I should be doing more often, since it’s such an important part […]