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Co-op proof of concept

Following some of the feedback we’ve got at some of the trade fairs we’ve been showing Gateway at, I’ve decided to try and mock-up the multiplayer aspect of the game. For the proof of concept, it’s a local only co-op multiplayer, but it works fully, and it’s a lot of fun to play! To be […]

Target area

Because of the specificities of the controller support, I added two (big) changes in the shooting system… One is that the equipment triggering is done on “button release”, instead of on “button press”… On “Gateway”, equipment is the teleporter, the grenades, everything that doesn’t actually shoot. Before, as soon as you clicked the right mouse […]

Gamepad shooting, part 1

Added this to the game today, and it works fine, although it feels weird, especially since I spent the last one year playing the game with keyboard and mouse… Most of the work today was more game design related than tech, fine tuning parameters so that shooting feels fine/cool… For the normal weapons, I feel […]

New initial area

So today I finished the new and improved initial area, hopefully players will have a better sense of “direction” with this one and will provide a good and entertaining introduction to the game… Still have a ton of stuff to add based on the feedback received, most of it quite simple, albeit time consuming… Some […]

Improved starting area

As the title indicates, today I spent my development time working on the new and improved starting area… Some of my ideas related to it were ok. It was a good idea to get the player started in a more exciting area before dumping him into the exposition, so he has a taste of what’s […]

Writing day…

Today I wasn’t really inspired to tackle audio, so I decided to do some something easier: writing! Actually, what I did was mostly reviewing text… I need to go through the text of the whole game, just to make sure everything makes sense, if the tone of the characters is coherent (mainly Steve and Skydancer), […]

Working the maps…

Today I’m mostly working on the game maps, adding the new props the artist has provided, and fixing some minor issues related to the latest updates on the game… I’m still working on finding a new job, so not much time to develop the game (even it might help me land a job)… Today I’m […]

Mac playthrough

Started the Mac playthrough, and it was glorious… …in the sense that it lasted one cutscene, until I found a bug in the system and had to track it down! It ended up being a multithreading bug (which didn’t show up on Windows due to the fact that Windows allows for locking a mutex twice […]

Player occlusion

I wasn’t very happy with the way the camera behaved when the player got occluded by nearby voxels… Sometimes it works nice, but most of the time it’s unsettling from a gameplay perspective… What’s happening is that when the camera is occluded, it will zoom in the player and then zoom out when it’s no […]