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Machine gun

Yet again, I started writing weapon descriptions and get lost in something else midway… In this case, the target was the machine gun, and while the visuals were good this time, the balance was completely off, so I had to work on that a bit. Still think the balance of the end-tier machine gun is […]


Well, I was supposed to start working on the new random mission system (the main part of Phase Two), but I started by writing the shotgun descriptions for the shop, and then I started playing around with it, and decided to improve the visuals slightly: The small “explosions” are very fast, and they show the […]


Not much time for game dev today, so I just tinkered with writing some additional tutorials, and some weapon descriptions…   I’ll have to avoid my usual way of approaching this kind of thing, which is to tackle a task (in this case “Write weapon/gear text”) all at once… This won’t work for the writing… […]

Gateway: Chronicles of Steve

Nope, not a new game! “Gateway: Chronicles of Steve” (of just “Gateway”) is the official name of the game! “Chrome Hunter” was the name of the game in it’s inception, when it was built for the Indie Speed Run 2013, and it made sense since the themes were “Hunting” and “Silverware”, and the objective of […]

Enemy analyzer

As I mentioned before, I decided to make some pieces of gear “passive”, which mean they don’t have to be equipped, they can just be bought and from then on they will be available. I already used this for armor, but the analyzer and scanner weren’t like this. The reasoning behind this change is that […]

Health injectors

After some discussion with a friend, decided to go ahead and add the health injector to the game… The goal might be basically the same as the shield, but they play slightly different… Shields are great for slow constant small damage. Health injector is good for bursts of large damage. This way, the player can […]

Game design issues

Today I finished work on the grenade display (and the consumption of items)… Nothing to show for it, since it’s all temporary art for now… Then, I was going to start with the health injector. The idea of a health injector is that you can use it to recharge your health bar. It’s like you […]


Finished balancing the last boss today, yay! It might not be a big challenge if the player is well geared, but it still requires some attention and a moderate amount of skill! Just missing three more elements and first pass is done: Equipment Screen Health Injectors Title Screen (to replace the ugly one below): It […]