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Take that!

Not much time today for development, it’s my wedding anniversary (11 years and counting!), so I’ll make this quick… After some balancing, tweaking and bug fixing, I managed to kill the boss… The fight is not as fun as I’d like… You almost never can see the boss, because he’ll kill you if you’re too close, […]

Dead, dead, dead…

Today I added a bit more of story to the game, including another boss fight… Wanted something different from the previous ones, so following a friend’s suggestion, I made a fight in which you have to use the environment to destroy the enemy… Unfortunately, today I’m feeling very lazy, so something that should have taken […]

Random spawns

Today I’ve added one more cutscene to the storyline (an important one, too!), and added a new type of enemy: the ninja! I call it ninja, but he’s more of a warrior-cultist kind of thing… but he periodically (or when he takes a lot of damage), he disappears in a puff of smoke, only to […]

Battle stations!

Don’t want to talk too much about what I’m doing at this moment (it’s an important moment in the story, and I don’t want to spoil it)… Let’s just say that Steve and the Skydancer go into battle stations: Red alarm light always gives some urgency to the scene, especially if I can find a […]

Playthrough, Part VIII

A bit more work on the storyline… Some new cutscenes, and a big boss fight (grenades and pulse gun, which wasn’t working on the enemies). It’s a quite hard fight, if you only have the gun, which is my case… I fear the game will need a bit more difficulty… I’m more than halfway through […]

Playthrough, Part V

Today I didn’t have much time for game development, so I just built the cutscene for when the player finds the the first pirate lair. Was a bit tricky to get right, mostly because I was uninspired… The text flowed all right, but the camera angles were tricky, specially because the pirate lair is not […]

Playthrough, Part IV

Today I advanced a bit more in the storyline… It’s going well, almost no actual code written today, just writing text and scripting the cutscenes… Took another first person screenshot… They look cool, think the next game in this series will be first person! Now listening to “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi” by […]