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Yearly Archives: 2011

Map design

We’re still working on the architectural elements of Calabeth, and something very important from a game design perspective has come up: the map layout. Episode 1 takes place in several areas, all centered around the mystical ruined city of Calabeth, birthplace of the Conclave and now overrun by an ancient evil. The player will be […]

So, what are we doing?

Since we’ve decided to go forward with this project, we’ve been working like madmen, that’s what! We’re currently in a design stage. This means that we’re currently working on game design and concept art, besides getting the technology on the point that we can use it to make this game. There’s several different vectors in […]

Meet the team!

Making a game is for me the supreme collaborative effort: you have to involve programmers, artists, sound people, testers, writers, etc… Even if you’re working solo on a game, you always have other people giving their opinions… So, the team is pretty important in any game development, and that is why I decided to present […]

Birth of a game

Creating a game is hard work… You have to get art, programming, game design, sound, music all working together to form a coherent, expressive work… And all of these have their own stages of development, different for every developer and creator… For example, art begins with the concepts, then goes onto the modeling, texturing, skinning, […]

What is Grey?

  So, after the announcement, a question that I got asked was (obviously) “What is Grey?”. Well, in a one-line kind of thing, Grey is a “an episodic RPG/RTS hybrid, set into a fantasy world”. In Grey you control the titular Grey, a recently awaken dead person that quickly finds out that he is a […]

A new beginning…

Welcome to the new site/blog of Spellcaster Studios. The launch of this new site marks a new beginning for Spellcaster Studios aswell, and what better way to celebrate this than with an announcement! We’re currently starting the development of a new game, working title “Grey”. But why is this different from what we’ve been doing […]