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Monthly Archives: January 2012

RPG system – Part II

This weekend I’ve worked more on the RPG system of Grey. The health and resource system I managed to complete last week. In my RPG system, you can think of “resource” as fuel for abilities. Mages have “mana” as a resource, life-shapers “resolve”, warriors have “bravado”, and so forth. Currently, I’ve only worked on the […]

RPG system – Part I

Spent most of the weekend working on the RPG system of “Grey”. The mechanics of “Grey” require a stable (C)RPG foundation, with all the usual systems, like primary attributes, derived attributes, talent trees, equipment and buffs/debuffs, and building that is a challenge. Of course, I could have used one of the dozens of open/free RPG […]

Finding a path…

Grey is a game that has a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI), since the player is mostly on the role of a “general”-type of figure, commanding his minions. One of the most important tasks in AI in this game will be the path-finding. Path-finding is the game subsystem responsible for finding out what’s the path […]

Our editor

A big slice of our development “budget” has gone into SurgeED, something I’ve been working on and off for the last two years… SurgeED is a world editor with some “workspace” capabilities. The idea is that we don’t just author maps in it, we aggregate all our development tools and utilities into this unified system, […]

Flavor text

  Happy new year, everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates, but the holiday season is hectic for all of us. We didn’t get as much work as we wanted on this season (but then again, we never do!). For my part, I just scraped enough time between eating and being with the family to […]