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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Color grading

Most of the time this week was spent (again) on things that were scheduled for later in the development cycle, either because they’re too useful now (the geometry clusters, the shadow clusters) or because I was curious in seeing the results, like the color grading. From Wikipedia: “Color grading or colour painting, is the process […]

Slowed to a crawl…

This weekend was spent mostly with family, so not much progress was done on Grey, besides fixing one million small bugs and nuisances in the editor, per artist suggestion… It will take me forever to get used to the new key/mouse bindings! Anyway, had some tricky problems in the editor that were only apparent when […]

Damn artists!

If you want something you’ve worked on for some time (specially tools) to break, give it to an artist! We were supposed to start working on assembling the arena for Grey in the beginning of the week, but as soon as Rincewind grabbed SurgeEd, I found one million bugs and I spent most of the […]