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Yearly Archives: 2013

Wow, much work, many pixels!

Well, work has been progressing immensely on “Chrome Hunter”, but I really haven’t stopped to write much… I’ve done one million things in the game, and now it’s starting to look it’s part: cutscenes (simple ones, of course), tutorials, the works… I’m starting to add more work on the actual balancing/story of the game than […]

Enemy base generation

Well, some people came me to me and asked me how I was generating the procedural bases, so I decided to put this up to explain my ideas… Note that this isn’t ground-breaking stuff! I’m using it to build the pirate lairs (and space bases, etc), but it can be applied to any kind of […]

It’s been 20 days already!?

Well, development has been great… been working a lot of long hours, but it’s a lot of fun… What have we been up to? Well, general improvements and more of everything, really… I’ve been keeping my twitter busy with updates, but again, it’s the old choice between doing more development or blogging We have new […]

Better late than never!

Well, although there hasn’t been many updates on the blog lately, I’ve been working like a maniac both for DayJob and for my games! On “Chrome Hunter”, I’ve added one million different things, for example: The player can now jump and fall Jungle planet was refactored to look better, with lakes and rivers Added a […]

Chrome Hunter: Postmortem

Well, as you might have noticed, we stopped blogging in the middle of the project… And that’s the symptoms of “not-enough-time-itis”… Anyway, we’ve finished the game, and I wanted to do a short postmortem on it… What went right Scope wasn’t as bad as it’s usually on 48-hour competitions… We set realistic goals, and we […]

Trees and rocks!

I’ve just improved the terrain generator with trees and rocks… These can be different (in quantity and image) depending on the type of planet… It really improves the overall look, and although they’re just cosmetic (no collision detection for now, at least), it also has gameplay impact (for example, jungle planet becomes harder because you […]

Little sleep…

…but great progress! After 5 hours of sleep, I’m back to work! I was so “in-the-zone” yesterday that I didn’t even stop to blog! After the setback with the robot procedural generation, I thought that there was no way I could make up for lost time, but actually I burned code at a pretty fast […]

Bad robots!

Robots are running… or more precisely, they’re standing still… Rincewind used the pieces he already built for the procedural robots to make these really fast… Now, to hit them with my shots and test explosion (before they start running all over the place with the AI)…


but not out! I just lost about 4 hours building a procedural system to make the enemy robots, but the results were terrible and very buggy: I call abomination!! Anyway, decided to change the game design slightly so we don’t depend on procedural robots… We’re going to use artist-made images for the robots, which will […]