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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Effect systems, revisited

This last week I’ve been spending my free time working on the effect system, again… I remembered that I have the need to parameterize effects (for example, cast effects must take parameters like the target position or the cast time), and for that I had to refactor the whole thing yet again… Good news: I […]

New UI system

In the last weeks, I’ve been working on and off in my new UI system… It’s about the 100th time I try to make an UI system for a game, since I always end up with a system that I don’t like… First of all, I hate UI work, it’s simply not fun… Second, I’m […]

Vacations, yay!

After a couple of weeks of pure chaos, it’s time for some vacation time, and hopefully, some “Grey”-time, we were able to get a place from a vancouver realtor and now we are extremly excited! Since last time, there wasn’t much work done on Grey, since I was very busy with RealJob™. Mainly, I just […]