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Monthly Archives: June 2014

More cutscenes

Worked today on the new cutscene for the second temple in the game… This one was a whole lot of trouble (in the previous days) due to the immense amount of work required to get custom maps in. The cutscene itself was pretty simple… Added some sweet 4-point bezier traversal for the camera movement, which […]

Props and bugs

Today I finally added the props into the custom voxel scene, which finally composed the scene. Also added the action nodes and in the case of the temple, makes a carving spawn there (if you haven’t picked it up yet). Also fixed a bug that was nagging me for ages in the game sometimes… Sometimes, […]

Custom voxel objects

Added the custom voxel object to the game today, which solves the problem I explained yesterday. The custom voxel object takes care of heightmap and of inserting the voxel map into the game. I’m still missing the props and the action nodes, but that’s easy to add at this point. Also added some functionality to […]

Merging custom maps

Started work on merging the procedurally generated map with the custom stuff I make in the editor… and only when I started I saw the error of my ways! The way I’m building the procedural world is that I build a heightmap for the world, and then convert that heightmap into voxels, with special cases […]

Small stuff…

Today I wasn’t feeling like tackling something big, so I decided to work on small stuff… After fixing some minor bugs, I looked at my task list and I saw something that shouldn’t be hard, but I was curious about: target prediction. Up until now, the enemies would shot at the players current position, so […]

Some more editor work…

Today I added some more functionality on the editor… Some tools are just workflow tools (for example, a “voxel picker”, which allow me to just click on a voxel and the system will set that as a brush, which is much better than cycling through all the materials… it also takes the color from the […]

Temple area

For the second temple in the game, I decided to just start voxel doodling and see where it got me… I got some nice ideas, and I combined that with the ideas I had regarding the combat itself (an open area where the player could run and hide from the enemies, since there will be […]

Running scripts on the editor…

Not much time today, due to being out late yesterday watching a great concert by Painted Black! Anyway, finished the scripting part on the editor (which will be a big help, best of two worlds: the creativity of WYSIWYG tools, and the precision/work-saving power of programming!), and found a series of small bugs on the […]

Working on the temple…

Today I started working on the new temple for the game, using the brand new voxel editor… Had to code a lot of new stuff because of bugs, and things that weren’t quite user-friendly (for example, custom brushes are very needed, so I coded those in). I started by working on props that I can […]

Some effects

This is kind of jumping the gun (I should take care of storyline development before this), but today I felt like making some special effects on the game, so I implemented “flash on hit” and camera shake. Flash on hit is very good in indicating you’re taking damage, and that the enemies are taking damage. […]