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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Cutscene finally over!

As the title indicates, I finally finished the cutscene I was working on… This one was very challenging… First, the camera angles and the motion was a bit off… I couldn’t really tell what was wrong with it, but I needed a lot of trial and error to get it to feel right. The problem […]

More lightning effects…

Today I worked a bit more on the cutscene, took me forever to get the lightning effect to behave like I wanted it: It doesn’t look like I want, but the behavior is there, the rest is just adjusting parameters… These days are fun, but I got so little to show that it’s a bit […]

Playthrough, Part XVII

Nothing much today, except for working on one of the last cutscenes of the game… This one is kind of complicated, because I’m trying to make it a bit more dynamic through camera-work that the others in the game (if this works properly, I’ll probably review all the others with my “newfound” talents). I’ve started […]

AI issues fixed!

Finally managed to fix the AI issues with the “large scale battle”. There was a lot of small mistakes, but one was the real culprit – The Line-Of-Sight (LOS) functions: the “lost LOS to target” and “regained LOS on target” functions weren’t exactly “symmetric”, which meant that I would lose the agro correctly, and would […]

AI issues

Still working on the AI issues I’ve found yesterday, although I’m getting closer to the problem… I’ve built some rudimentary debug tools to track this issue, and I found the culprit… Basically, the AI twitches because it acquires and loses LOS on the current agro target. The idea of the AI is to track the […]

More AI trouble

For the cutscene I’m currently building, I need an epic battle feel between a lot of cultists and corporate hit men… The basic code for it works fine (they have a faction and all the aggression code is based on that). To make the fight never-ending, as soon as one dies, another spawns. The problem […]

Throwing the towel…

Looking at what I still have to do to make the game playable, and considering the time I’ve already used up, I’ve decided to throw the towel… I don’t have enough time to finish the game, and even if I can make it playable (which is unlikely), it won’t be balanced or fun. I really […]

Still not much…

Due to the fact that I’m running super-late (all my estimations were wrong), I’ve not been blogging that much, nor have I been keeping track of what other people are doing (which is too bad, that’s one of my favorite parts). Hopefully, today will go a little better. Anyway, here’s the latest screenshot… It shows […]

Starting to make some progress…

Still going terribly, but its gradually improving… Think I chewed more than I should, because of the balancing… It takes too long to adjust the simulation parameters, especially if you’re not used to that kind of work! Planets now have food supplies and their population grows with it. This is mostly data driven, so it […]