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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Random Missions: Infestation

Today I wasn’t very motivated, an overall lack of energy… So I started by doing some writing, but the inspiration wasn’t great… Then I moved towards some research (mainly decals, ended up on this link which is probably the approach I’ll follow, although I’m not using deferred rendering on this game: goo.gl/S8o2W2)… Finally, decided to […]

Interlude: BUGS!

Well, for some time now things were going slowly but according to plan… No, not anymore! Too bad I didn’t take a screenshot of the before, but the pirate lairs were a mess… The laser beams were in the wrong position, the ceilings weren’t displaying, the props were all over the place… Just some small […]

Random Missions: More Sampling

Continued work on the sampling random mission, probably will have the whole logic part finished by tomorrow! That “tracer” is what happens when you use the sampler still far from the location of the sampler point. It points in the direction of the sampling point, and you’ll have to follow it to find it. This […]

Random Missions: Sampling

Today I’ve started the next type of random mission: the sampling mission. This comes in three flavors: find a source of some anomaly, scan some particular places or hunt down the source of an anomaly (the first and the latter seem similar, but they play very differently). Today was mostly generating the mission text, but […]

Random Missions: More bug-fixing

Finished testing and bug-fixing the delivery mission… A lot of small stuff, but I think I got it all! Think the next mission type is going to be the “sampling” mission, in which the player receive a target planet and some sampling spots, and it has to go sample them with the sample kit. It’s […]

Random Missions: Cleanup

Cleaning up the random missions is proving to be a bit more challenging that I expected… Due to the way STL maps work, if you try to access something that isn’t there (an entry for which there is no key), it will create a key for it, which screws up my iteration code which isn’t […]