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Monthly Archives: December 2014

OpenGL Porting – Part 16

Happy New Year’s Eve! Not much time today to work on the game, just made a couple of shaders and fixed some minor things… I’m almost calling the OpenGL renderer done (although it still has some work with optimization, since it’s quite slower than the DirectX one). I’m having some trouble with the last shader, […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 15

I can smell it already! It’s actually cool (after all the pain) to have a game running on two separate renderers and trying to spot the differences… There’s not much work remaining to be done on the OpenGL renderer, besides testing… I’m finally seeing the end of the road on this one, so much that […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 14

A couple more bugs down, a few dozens to go! Today was rather productive… Fixed the sampling system (didn’t notice there was a sampler object in OpenGL that kind of makes it more similar to DirectX in terms of sampling properties), fixed the 2d render accuracy (needed to offset the coordinates a bit to make […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 13

One more small step! This one was hard… Some geometry wasn’t being drawn, and I thought it was something to do with the bounding box (would be silly), but symptoms were similar to that sort of issues… It ended up because I didn’t know that glVertexAttribPointer has to be called after the buffer in question […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 12

More progress done on the OpenGL renderer… Today I managed to make lighting work again… Issue was the variable naming… In DirectX, when you have a structure array, there’s a constant binding with that name (for example, “lights”), for the whole array. OpenGL does it slightly different: it creates different variables for each sub-entry, so […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 11

And back to normal programming… Not much, but some! Got some more stuff working on the OpenGL renderer… This time, I found out that I can’t set vertex/pixel constants before I actually set the program! This is the current status, getting closer to an actual working renderer! There’s a screwup somewhere on the lightning (obviously), […]

Merry Christmas!

Well, today’s the first day since I started the whole “game dev every day” thing that I didn’t do any game development! That’s over 0.5 year of 2 hour a day minimum development time! This is an extremely old Christmas postcard we did at Spellcaster Studios (back when we launched Shadow Stars, back in 2004 […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 10

Finally, got the first decent screenshot for the OpenGL renderer: The biggest problems was I was using glBindAttribLocation in the wrong place, after the shader linkage was done… No error was returned, but the bind wasn’t being made… I just don’t know how the UVs were being displayed properly… The 3d part is still a […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 9

I’m kind of stuck on my OpenGL porting… The code is all in, I’ve already fixed a lot of stuff, but still I get no results! This was supposed to be the main menu, but no textures are being loaded, basically… I also know I have issues with the vertex colors, but the main problem […]

OpenGL Porting – Part 8

Well, I promised no more screenshots of just my development environment… Sorry… This is the first run of the OpenGL port… All code is in, but (obviously enough) it’s not working properly… If I had Pix, I could just go in and see what variable is badly set, or what’s the state of the vertex […]