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Make it happen…

More lightning effects…

Today I worked a bit more on the cutscene, took me forever to get the lightning effect to behave like I wanted it:


It doesn’t look like I want, but the behavior is there, the rest is just adjusting parameters…

These days are fun, but I got so little to show that it’s a bit frustrating when I blog about it! Smile

Now listening to “Valley of the Damned” by “Dragonforce”

Link of the Day: For years, both in my game development and in my day job, I’ve been very skeptic of software development methodologies, and (more importantly), how they’re implemented in the work place (like a religion of sorts, instead of something that helps you estimate and keep a project on track and with high quality). This article mirrors a bit my feelings on this, and there’s some cool stuff in the comments as well: http://typicalprogrammer.com/why-dont-software-development-methodologies-work/