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Weapons and loot!

So the last week and a half, we’ve been working on the player character (still top-secret, shhhhh!), and on new weapon effects.


So, here’s the new beam cannon:


Besides adding some glow to it, we added a “burst” when it starts, which improves the “punch” of the weapon. This weapon both heals allies and damages enemies, which explains the fact it doesn’t look that aggressive.

Next up, some work on the electro-cannon:


This one was almost completely remade… It also has that “punch thing”, and at the end you can see it in ultra-slow-motion (10% speed), which looks very weird… Smile

Also changed the plasma cannon, which is a charged weapon. In the process, I also changed the texture for the shadows, so we get rid of all circles in the game:


This one has the charge effect and the glow for the extra-shininess! Smile

I’m quite happy with the weapons now, although there’s some space for improvement, but from a direction standpoint we’re almost where we want to be!

We’ve also changed the loot system. Before, you could catch “alloy” from the enemies, which acted as a currency in the game for buying weapons, fuel, etc…

Now, with the shifts in game design, we want to move towards a more “crafting” approach, and that means we need more ingredients.

So, in the game, you’ll be able to find blueprints in the alien ruins, and then you can use the minerals you get from the enemies and “cores” that you get from bosses to craft new weapons and mods.


We still want to replace the cubes for actual models, but I’m quite happy with the effect, with very fake physics to make them bouncy! Smile

So that’s it for now… We’re in full swing on a new game on Fun Punch Games (contract work), and with the finishing touches on Strikers Edge (for an August release, if submission goes alright!), so I’m really busy doing what I love!