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AI: Patrol Drone

Work today has to be cut short, something unexpected came up… I’m in the middle of making the patrol drone AI, which is going rather well, just missing the “spawn enemies” behavior when we’re spotted: Tomorrow I’ll wrap this up and maybe start the turret code (which should be very simple). Link of the Day: […]

More indoors behaviors

Today was very tiring to get the AI behavior just like I wanted when indoors… That and the pull of “Warlords of Draenor” made it very hard to work! Anyway, I had to tweak, and tweak, and tweak, and a once little, simple, beautiful script becomes a tangled mess again because of fringe cases… I […]

Indoor behaviors

Been working on the indoor behaviors… They’re slightly different than the outdoor behaviors, because they have to be constrained to the some indoor area/room. Some stuff is going horribly wrong, although I can’t pinpoint it… For example, a lot of times, the enemies will run outside, instead of finding cover inside the base… I think […]

Ninja skills!

Today I mostly worked on the stealth mechanism… So, the enemies with the “ninja skill” will hide from time to time, or when they receive a burst of damage. They can move or not while invisible, and they’re invulnerable while at it… Now, only the “indoor” behaviors missing and most of the complex stuff is […]

Beam me up!

Teleportation is now working for any sentient AI… Only the corporate soldiers will have this capability, but for now I’m testing it on robots: Stealth is next and I’m done with the basic components (except indoor navigation, which shouldn’t pose much of a problem)… Then it’s just the decision layer for all of the enemies […]

Run, you fools: Part Deux

Finished the running behavior, fixing the fringe cases… The enemy will now effectively retreat from battle until it has restored his shield, or until it gets his courage back (stupid robots!). Robots won’t have this behavior, though, it’s just easier to test here… Next step, teleporting behavior! Now listening to “Doombound” by “Battlelore” Link of […]

Run, you fools!

Some more work on the AI, but not much since “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor” is consuming a lot of my time… Anyway, worked on the “run” behavior… It doesn’t work how’s it supposed to most of the time, but it’s getting there… The scorch mark shows what happens when the AI doesn’t run… […]

More AI work

Today I spent a lot of time rebuilding the AI system for the game… It’s a bit more manageable that before, but the technical solution still looks “sloppy”, to be honest… I think the only good solution is to build some sort of visual language for the top level decisions, with the low-level part being […]

Refactoring the AI

Today I started this big task… This is the result so far: Probably something simple to solve, though… Anyway, I’m replacing the current FSM-based approach to a more organic one, based in an action layer (in the C++ code) and a decision layer (on a Lua script). This way it’s probably easier to handle the […]

AI issues fixed!

Finally managed to fix the AI issues with the “large scale battle”. There was a lot of small mistakes, but one was the real culprit – The Line-Of-Sight (LOS) functions: the “lost LOS to target” and “regained LOS on target” functions weren’t exactly “symmetric”, which meant that I would lose the agro correctly, and would […]