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Machine gun

Yet again, I started writing weapon descriptions and get lost in something else midway… In this case, the target was the machine gun, and while the visuals were good this time, the balance was completely off, so I had to work on that a bit. Still think the balance of the end-tier machine gun is […]


Finished balancing the last boss today, yay! It might not be a big challenge if the player is well geared, but it still requires some attention and a moderate amount of skill! Just missing three more elements and first pass is done: Equipment Screen Health Injectors Title Screen (to replace the ugly one below): It […]


Today I didn’t have much development time, so I just decided to play the game a bit and balance some stuff, mainly costs of equipment… The thing that’s been bugging me the most about the costs is that I feel the fuel cells (which allow me to travel to another planet) are too expensive… I […]

Playthrough, Part III

I’ve made some more cutscenes in the game and advanced the major storyline a bit… Had to fix one million of small bugs (mostly because they were annoying me). While I’m playing the game this way, I keep balancing small details… Some details I’ve found by playing is that with just the single-shot gun (the […]

Playthrough, Part II

Today I’ve played the game until the part where the storyline stops, because I didn’t implement anymore of it… I’ve fixed loads of small bugs, most of them related to the changes I’ve introduced since I wrote those scripts, and some writing as well. Major tech fix was a overhaul of the 3d sprite system. […]

RPG system – Part II

This weekend I’ve worked more on the RPG system of Grey. The health and resource system I managed to complete last week. In my RPG system, you can think of “resource” as fuel for abilities. Mages have “mana” as a resource, life-shapers “resolve”, warriors have “bravado”, and so forth. Currently, I’ve only worked on the […]

RPG system – Part I

Spent most of the weekend working on the RPG system of “Grey”. The mechanics of “Grey” require a stable (C)RPG foundation, with all the usual systems, like primary attributes, derived attributes, talent trees, equipment and buffs/debuffs, and building that is a challenge. Of course, I could have used one of the dozens of open/free RPG […]