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Today I didn’t have much development time, so I just decided to play the game a bit and balance some stuff, mainly costs of equipment… The thing that’s been bugging me the most about the costs is that I feel the fuel cells (which allow me to travel to another planet) are too expensive… I […]

Playthrough, Part III

I’ve made some more cutscenes in the game and advanced the major storyline a bit… Had to fix one million of small bugs (mostly because they were annoying me). While I’m playing the game this way, I keep balancing small details… Some details I’ve found by playing is that with just the single-shot gun (the […]

Playthrough, Part II

Today I’ve played the game until the part where the storyline stops, because I didn’t implement anymore of it… I’ve fixed loads of small bugs, most of them related to the changes I’ve introduced since I wrote those scripts, and some writing as well. Major tech fix was a overhaul of the 3d sprite system. […]

RPG system – Part II

This weekend I’ve worked more on the RPG system of Grey. The health and resource system I managed to complete last week. In my RPG system, you can think of “resource” as fuel for abilities. Mages have “mana” as a resource, life-shapers “resolve”, warriors have “bravado”, and so forth. Currently, I’ve only worked on the […]

RPG system – Part I

Spent most of the weekend working on the RPG system of “Grey”. The mechanics of “Grey” require a stable (C)RPG foundation, with all the usual systems, like primary attributes, derived attributes, talent trees, equipment and buffs/debuffs, and building that is a challenge. Of course, I could have used one of the dozens of open/free RPG […]