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Organizing work

Today I spent my dev time looking at all the suggestions, comments and feedback I received from Game Dev Camp yesterday… There’s a ton of stuff to work through, but most of it is quite simple, just tweaks and adjustments… There’s just one I have no clue on how to address: the area transitions… Some […]

More bug fixing

Today was mostly about fixing bugs in the different ports, adjusting small issues that arise from there, and fixing the broken audio system… So, the result is: Right side is the game running Windows (Direct3D), middle is Ubuntu 14.04 and left is iMac! Everything is fully functional, from my tests… Next step is seeing if […]

This was complicated…

What seemed like a simple issue to solve (lack of performance on low-end card because of ambient occlusion) ended up being much more complicated than expected! So, yesterday I decided to add a new system to be able to customize the level of ambient occlusion (in terms of resolution)… I added the system, but while […]

Story link issues

Today I lost most of my dev time working on a bug… This new area has two things I’ve never used: A cutscene that spans two different areas Two “special areas” right after each other (without passing a planet area before) Both of these resulted in a problem with managing areas with the multi-threaded system… […]

Cracked lighting

As I mentioned yesterday, I got a small problem with the lighting of the cracks… What on paper seemed like a good idea, a decal that would illuminate the surrounding area, in practice it looks terrible when an enemy passes through it: The solution I found to this problem was to do some vertical attenuation… […]

Raycasting optimization

Yesterday, while playing around with the beam cannon, I found some bugs on the collision detection, so today I dived right into that… The current method for raycasting on the voxel map is to do sampling: start at the beginning of the ray and walk through it, checking if it is a solid cell. Of […]

Shooting bugs

For “Gateway”, shooting is the main action, which means it has to be perfect… “Perfect” can mean a lot of stuff for different people, but for me it means that the player hits what he aims at… With a 3d view and a 2d input device (the mouse), this can be really challenging! Case in […]

Load and save

Today I worked with the savegames, adding descriptions and fixing bugs introduced with the jump to multithreading… Most of the work was mainly finding out what the problem were! Lately I feel I’ve been working mostly with bug fixing, which is boring, so I think my next step is to add something new/fun… I got […]

An yet, more bugs…

The more we approach the end of the development cycle, the more bugs we fine… or more precisely, the less we can ignore them and hope they don’t happen again… I’m having a nasty bug that I have no idea what causes it and I can’t replicate it consistently… When I run the game in […]

More bugs and press stuff

Still working on the press stuff, making screenshots, etc… So that the screenshots reflect the current state of the actual game, I’m running the game in “Final” mode, and that (of course) gave rise to some more bugs, so I’m fixing those by adding a “stack tracer”, which is a piece of code that when […]