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More effects…

Well, at this rate I won’t finish the story part by Sunday, but sometimes playing with effects is so much fun… Today, I kind of lost track of time working on the background effect of the last area, which led to a very interesting effect, which lends the whole area a completely different tone… So, […]

Battle stations!

Don’t want to talk too much about what I’m doing at this moment (it’s an important moment in the story, and I don’t want to spoil it)… Let’s just say that Steve and the Skydancer go into battle stations: Red alarm light always gives some urgency to the scene, especially if I can find a […]

More cutscenes

Worked today on the new cutscene for the second temple in the game… This one was a whole lot of trouble (in the previous days) due to the immense amount of work required to get custom maps in. The cutscene itself was pretty simple… Added some sweet 4-point bezier traversal for the camera movement, which […]

Playthrough, Part I

Currently, I’m playing the game again, fixing small bugs (rendering and scripting) in the cutscenes, trying to tune up what I’ve done so far, so I can start progressing a bit more in the direction of having a complete game (then I’ll have the balancing and polishing phases, yay). First third of the game is […]

Wow, much work, many pixels!

Well, work has been progressing immensely on “Chrome Hunter”, but I really haven’t stopped to write much… I’ve done one million things in the game, and now it’s starting to look it’s part: cutscenes (simple ones, of course), tutorials, the works… I’m starting to add more work on the actual balancing/story of the game than […]