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Decals fully working!

After a long time (too long, really), finally got the OpenGL decals working… The problem ended up being something quite simple: in the Direct3D pipeline I was storing the W value for depth, while on OpenGL I was storing the Z value… Although the two values are quite similar in my test scenes, they’re different […]

OpenGL decals

Still in the middle of a massive flu, which might explain the fact that I can’t get decals to work on OpenGL… They almost work, but there’s something wrong somewhere, and I can’t figure out where! They only display if I remove one of the box checks (the Y axis), so my guess is that […]

New lightning

Old version: New version: Way better, no?! In movement is looks even better… I think I can even improve the effect more, making it branch out on some points, but I’ll leave that for another day… Only the OpenGL version of the decals missing and I can move on to the next task… As I […]

Decal shadows

Decal-based shadows work better than I expected, it looses that effect of being just a quad below the characters, etc: In this case it’s quite hard to make out, except when stuff is moving… Here’s an old screenshot for comparison: If you zoom on the shadow you can see the difference… It’s much more noticeable […]

Plasma burns

Now I got plasma burns (on some weapons, not all). It still has some error, there are gaps in the stream for some reason, probably something wrong with the collision detection, but I’ll look into it when I work on the raycasting optimization… Now it’s time to look at the possibility of using the decals […]

Bullet holes…

After a nasty fight (brain was slow today!), got the bullet holes up and running in the game! Also added a small camera shake with the shots, to lend some force to the weapon… Next, plasma burns! Now listening to “Torn” by “Evergrey”

Decals now working better!

Finished the refactoring (or most of it, probably still missing some stuff, but I’ll correct it as I do another playthrough of the game), and now decals work much better! There’s still some stuff that’s rendered wrong (for example, coplanar alpha objects with decals, like an explosion on the ceiling of the pirate lair), but […]

More issues with decals…

Unfortunately, my initial idea that screen-space decals was some sort of magic bullet was completely wrong… They work great a lot of the time, easy to implement, fast… but (there’s always a but) they have some small details which break it down… The issue I talked about yesterday was mostly solved with the stencil buffer: […]

What’s life without some problems?!…

Well… Just finished implementing decals… It went better than expected, since I’ve never tried implementing screen-space decals before… The main difficulty of screen-space decals is the occlusion. Most of the code is related to this, and mine is working great: One problem I’m already seeing is the fact that the way the decal maps removes […]

Started with decals

One of the effects I would like to use extensively in the game is “decals”… A decal is just a kind of painting you put on top of the geometry. Decals used to be done by intersecting the world geometry with the decal shape and drawing those polygons, but since I now have the normal/depth […]