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Most bugs gone…

Got most of the bugs sorted… the black spots were caused by a bad multiplication on the shaders when they didn’t have diffuse lighting, and the offset of the flow map was wrongly computed… Now everything’s working as it should: Still have a small issue with loading the flow map from the hard drive, but […]

More editor bugs, sigh…

Started the day testing the flow map: Need to make it more sophisticated to handle all cases (not just the test ones), but it’s a step in the right direction… Then, to start work on that, I loaded up a temple: A lot of problems here: the black spots (where there’s only emissive color on […]

Water and lava flow on editor

Still working on getting the lava and water flow to be automatically generated on the editor… Had huge problems getting the UV mappings to work properly: In case you’re thinking “what am I looking at?”, you’re looking at something finally working… All water should be black and the edges should go to yellow… Now I […]

More editor work

Found some more bugs on the editor… First I fixed the alphas (easy enough): After, I had to fix the “glue” system… After the revamp of the raycasting system, apparently I screwed up the one on the editor, so I had to go in and fix it… Was a bit of work, but I got […]

Editor effects

Today I started adding the rendering effects to the editor, since I’ll need them to build some stuff for the teaser trailer I’m working on… First I had to get it working again properly (a lot of changes since I last used it), but that didn’t take long… Then, time to add the ambient occlusion […]

Lighting system

Finished the lighting system I started yesterday… The results are rather good and easy to use (and no more silly crashes). The light generation is fast enough that I can do it in runtime, when the level loads, which is easier to manage in terms of files (no need to keep an unlit file). Now, […]

More editor stuff

A plan is something that exists until the first contact with reality… Tonight I was intending to start the level design for the corporate HQ, but when I started lighting the place I saw the flaw in my plan… Most of the levels I’ve made so far have a very small number of lights… And […]

Invisible blocks

I was having some problems with silly pathfinding on the cultist base… The problem was that the fiery sconces were too low, so the enemies could climb them, which would look silly. For props, I use invisible blocks to stop that from happening, but since the sconces are just pieces of level geometry, that doesn’t […]

More options on the editor

Today I didn’t have much time for development… I just added a new UI element (that is useful for the editor and for the options screen the game will eventually have): a checkbox. Also added the possibility to change the voxel material without affecting the color or the emissive. I needed that to replace the […]

Some more editor work…

Today I added some more functionality on the editor… Some tools are just workflow tools (for example, a “voxel picker”, which allow me to just click on a voxel and the system will set that as a brush, which is much better than cycling through all the materials… it also takes the color from the […]