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Weapons and loot!

So the last week and a half, we’ve been working on the player character (still top-secret, shhhhh!), and on new weapon effects. So, here’s the new beam cannon: Besides adding some glow to it, we added a “burst” when it starts, which improves the “punch” of the weapon. This weapon both heals allies and damages […]

New lightning

Old version: New version: Way better, no?! In movement is looks even better… I think I can even improve the effect more, making it branch out on some points, but I’ll leave that for another day… Only the OpenGL version of the decals missing and I can move on to the next task… As I […]


Added an override system for most graphics operations… Was a bit of work, time-wise, but easy stuff! Now I can get a screen with just the actual normals: or depth (exaggerated, so we can actually notice the difference): The lines are due to the fact that the render target is just a normal 8-bit render […]

More effects…

Well, at this rate I won’t finish the story part by Sunday, but sometimes playing with effects is so much fun… Today, I kind of lost track of time working on the background effect of the last area, which led to a very interesting effect, which lends the whole area a completely different tone… So, […]

And dripping…

Finished the hit/drip effect on the tentacle. When the tentacle hits, it will do a small explosion effect, and then a drip will stay in the ground, which will damage the player… The damage part isn’t done yet, since I’m still missing the “column of light” effect necessary (to avoid the player using he jetpack […]

More shader fun

Still working on the special effect I mentioned yesterday… Another part of the effect is that I want to look like the extruded volume is looking into another place… For now, I’m trying to figure out how to make a nifty effect based on screen position, although it might not be the right approach… Based […]