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Water is finally done!

Finally finished the water courses and lakes (with reusable code for lava, etc)! Added waterfalls to water drops: Gives the scene a bit more life, I think… Also ported the water shader to HLSL (screenshots below were taken with D3D renderer), and fixed some issues with the tree placement… All in all, a great day! […]

Lake flow

Today I managed to make the flow of water work on the lakes… in the process I also found some bugs with the terrain generation code that I had to fix… First, without any change to the flow system, this is what I got: It was a quite neat effect, to be honest… but the […]

How original: lakes and rivers!

Yep, this week has been very original… I’m closer and closer, and the latest addition to the algorithms has really made a difference… After all the process is done, I now do a linear interpolation between the height of the river/lake and the surroundings, making it rise smoothly enough so that the water doesn’t escape! […]

Terrible work day…

Most of what I’ve done today got thrown away… That’s a sad thing that sometimes happens in development… I did a lot of experiments with the lake generation code, and I finally found something that I think actually works, by playing around with the parameterization of the algorithm… Since this whole process is taking about […]

Still lakes…

This is taking much longer than I wanted… Although I’m closer (and just found out I’m doing a lake every 4 cells), it’s still not good enough, the water doesn’t follow enough: The brightest points are the lake spawn points, but the water dies down too fast… I could do more iterations, but this takes […]