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Navigation and bugs

Today I tackled a difficult subsystem: the “make sure you can walk everywhere” system. I have a system that makes sure the player can walk on all the game area, and usually it would raise/lower terrain to achieve that… That work relatively well, but with the rivers, etc, lowering and raising terrain would sometimes screw […]

Atmospheric effects

Just added atmospheric effects to the lava world, to simulate burning ash in the atmosphere… I feel it adds a bit of life to the scene, and I can reuse the same concept for the snow and rain on other levels… I’m using a particle system that spawns on the camera… When the camera moves, […]

Facilities and water…

Today I didn’t have much time available, so I focused on something I believed to be simple. In the previous system, facilities like temples, pirate lairs, etc, would be generated after the terrain (and the water bodies) are generated, which meant that sometimes they would overlap… So, if we had the water bodies like so: […]

Fire jets

Just added fire jets to the lava environment… This is just an environmental effect, doesn’t affect gameplay, but it helps keep the world a bit more “alive”. Took me way longer than I wanted, but it works fine and adds a certain charm to the location… The next step is a whole class of atmospheric […]

Fiery waterfalls

Added the flow shader to the lava, looks great! Maybe it’s a bit too orange/yellow, maybe red/yellow would be better, but I suck at textures! :\ Also added the fiery waterfalls, but can’t decide which of the variations I like the most… I change opinions every 10 minutes… Will have to ask the artist about […]

Lava rivers

I’ve started another polish stage, now dedicated to the lava worlds… Old generation would generate something like this: Not natural at all, and quite ugly most of the time, especially when you see it on the map… There was also a lot of glitches and bugs, like the one below (in case it’s not too […]

Final imp

In the depths the Earth, he was spawned Son of corruption, and of evil ones Not living, burning Not eating, consuming Breath of fire, flames of hate Merciless eyes, unspoken fate More than a slave, more than a master Of Death he is caster Ancient Lava Imp summoning, author unknown Sorry about missing the Monday […]