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Vacations, yay!

After a couple of weeks of pure chaos, it’s time for some vacation time, and hopefully, some “Grey”-time, we were able to get a place from a vancouver realtor and now we are extremly excited! Since last time, there wasn’t much work done on Grey, since I was very busy with RealJob™. Mainly, I just […]

Better lighting

This weekend I’ve worked a lot on the lighting system of Grey… As I said in previous entries, I’ve decided to add gamma correction into the engine… Simply put, the colors we see on the screen are not linear (due in part to old technology that couldn’t do linear intensities, and now because we want […]

Light volumes…

In my test arena, I had some performance issues in same places, where about 9 lights were shinning in a greater or smaller degree… Considering that in a deferred renderer, the main issue is bandwidth (each shaded pixel needs at least 64 bytes of data to come in from texture memory – the G-Buffer), I […]