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Merging custom maps

Started work on merging the procedurally generated map with the custom stuff I make in the editor… and only when I started I saw the error of my ways! The way I’m building the procedural world is that I build a heightmap for the world, and then convert that heightmap into voxels, with special cases […]

Starting work on the arena…

The merge tool is finally done, and while it was a truckload of work, it was worth it for the amount of small bugs I found… Nothing was too serious or hard to fix, but most where quite complicated to find and would be hard to fix later! I’m finally finished with all the detours […]

Merge project tool

Sorry about the lack of updates, but the day job was hectic and I had some personal stuff to sort out… Even so, I’ve had time to make another detour in terms of development roadmap and started building a “project merge” tool… Everything we’re doing in Grey is done on the SurgeEd tool, which manages […]