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Finally, some productivity…

Today was quite productive, although there’s not much outside changes… Got the OpenGL multithreading error, and the cross-compiling support for ATI and nVidia GLSL working! I was quite surprised with the OpenGL multithreading, it worked at first try, and it’s actually a quite big piece of code! Anyway, also added the possibility of the player […]

And up and running again!

So I got an old video card (a ATI Radeon 5850) to replace the one that went kaput yesterday, and I’m up and running again… Today I started by fixing the stuff I broke on the Skydancer with the latest polish changes in the game… I actually forgot to take screenshots, but basically the windows […]

More multithreading…

Think I finally squashed the last bugs caused by the multithreading system… After a lot of logging, it was fairly easy to fix, the difficulty was finding out exactly where things were going wrong… Also fixed a lot of small pending bugs (mostly waiting on things to go wrong with the multithreading), and added some […]

More multithreading

And another day without a screenshot… Mostly work behind the scenes, but it’s going along nicely… Already can generate areas in the background and they work fine… It’s a lot of work, but most of it has been smooth sailing (which is a bit unexpected)… Need to deal with some crashes (to be expected) and […]


Today I started tackling one of the big optimizations: multithreaded area generation and management… Multithreaded code is always hard, since it demands a lot of care on how to build stuff, and since graphic APIs don’t like working multithreaded (at least D3D9 doesn’t), I need to work around that limitation as well… So started with […]