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More bugs down!

Today was mostly a bug-hunting day, but I had time to do other stuff… First things first, I removed one of the big bugs in the game: a raycast issue that would sometimes cause the game to freeze… This was very hard to detect, but after I found a way to replicate it consistently, it […]

Optimization: failed!

Today I spent my evening trying to optimize the map generation (when the player lands on a planet) and the area generation (when the player changes areas). The map generation takes about 15 seconds on a normal map (this can be a bit more or less, but this is a good average), which is very […]


Today I worked on some bug fixing and optimization, namely on the voxel raycasting… I already suspected that my raycasting function was a bit iffy and missed some intersections, but today I got to confirm that and to fix it, while optimizing it a lot… So yesterday, while in debug mode, the game would drop […]

GLSL Optimizer

Today I integrated GLSL Optimizer to my shader code… It had some quirks: Doesn’t accept #line directives with name of the files, so I have to strip that when feeding it Doesn’t accept OpenGL 3.30 shaders   This last one isn’t that bad, although I was using 3.30 shaders (the tutorials I was using were […]


Let me tell you a story… As I said yesterday, I felt a real drop in performance with the pirate lair, and I couldn’t figure out what was the issue. The normal course of action (if you don’t have a decent profiler or are too lazy to find a free one) is to shut down […]

Light volumes…

In my test arena, I had some performance issues in same places, where about 9 lights were shinning in a greater or smaller degree… Considering that in a deferred renderer, the main issue is bandwidth (each shaded pixel needs at least 64 bytes of data to come in from texture memory – the G-Buffer), I […]