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Refactoring the item system

Working on the equipment screen (UI work, which I hate)… I’ve had to refactor all the item system, since it was the same since the 48-hour version of the game, which was clearly inadequate for this task. Yep, this is what my whole work hours looked like! Tomorrow I hope to see if I broke […]


The highway to hell is full of good intentions! I wanted to focus on the development of the game itself, and I was creating a new enemy type (“Frost Touch”, a skeleton that slows down attacks when it hits). Visually, Frost Touch is different from the other skeletons because of a particle system: The effect […]

Code regrets… :)

There’s always regrets while coding, specially when we’re talking about a 10+ year codebase (with lots of refactoring, etc)… One of my main mistakes for ages was not to use matrix calculation. Of course, I used matrixes when it was time to deliver things to the graphics card, etc, but other than that, I ran […]

Backend coding…

RealJob™ has been kicking my butt lately, and I’m waiting on the GUI work so I’ll be able to progress more in the development of the game itself; but none of these reasons has stopped me from work! Lately, most of what I’ve been doing is backend system coding, stuff like refactoring the collision/intersection system, […]