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Lava rivers

I’ve started another polish stage, now dedicated to the lava worlds… Old generation would generate something like this: Not natural at all, and quite ugly most of the time, especially when you see it on the map… There was also a lot of glitches and bugs, like the one below (in case it’s not too […]

Water is finally done!

Finally finished the water courses and lakes (with reusable code for lava, etc)! Added waterfalls to water drops: Gives the scene a bit more life, I think… Also ported the water shader to HLSL (screenshots below were taken with D3D renderer), and fixed some issues with the tree placement… All in all, a great day! […]

Lake flow

Today I managed to make the flow of water work on the lakes… in the process I also found some bugs with the terrain generation code that I had to fix… First, without any change to the flow system, this is what I got: It was a quite neat effect, to be honest… but the […]

Water flow shader

Still working on the water flow shader… After I generated the flow map, this was the result: A lot of noise in most of it… The rest flowed correctly, which was good, though! Drawing the displacement, everything seemed to be ok: And the base UVs: And the displaced UVs: So the problem seemed to be […]

Water flow

Before I waste more time with generating the geometry for the rivers (to make it flow), I decided to try something different: use the already generated voxels, but with a shader that uses a “flow map” to generate the illusion of movement… So today I spent my time creating the infrastructure for that: If this […]

River geometry

Finally finished with the terrain/river/lake generation! Yesterday’s problem was easier to address than I expected, everything worked perfectly quite soon… So, we had this yesterday: And today we have this in the same place: The screenshot doesn’t do it justice, but it’s much nicer and more “correct”. So now I’ve started the generation of the […]

How original: lakes and rivers!

Yep, this week has been very original… I’m closer and closer, and the latest addition to the algorithms has really made a difference… After all the process is done, I now do a linear interpolation between the height of the river/lake and the surroundings, making it rise smoothly enough so that the water doesn’t escape! […]


Working on a lake system, and results are less than optimal… Currently, I’m looking for a suitable place for a lake in the river, and then using a flood-fill algorithm, but something is going terribly wrong on it: So, the lava here shows the places where a “lake” tile is being placed, and the height […]

Flatten rivers

This took a bit longer than expected, mainly because I spent a lot of time tweaking the A* parameters to get more natural rivers, but the rivers now are “flat”, they only go down… The way the river akeis created also enables me to do some additional stuff, like making the flow geometry in the […]