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Loads of new stuff!

The reason why we’ve been so quiet is that we’ve been working (finally) on the game systems themselves and the gameplay is starting to take shape! First, I finished the “highlight” effect, that kicks in when the mouse cursor is on top of something that can be interacted with: First I tried making a simple […]

Behind the scenes

Most of the work in a game takes place behind the scenes, and we don’t have anything to show for it… The internal systems are often neglected when one considers game development, but they’re crucial to get the system up and running in a timely fashion and without any problems… And that’s what we’ve been […]

Creature and boss fight design

Spent most of my Grey time in the weekend working on creature and boss design, and I can tell you: although it’s fun, it’s a lot of work. First, we started by defining the player controlled characters. All the creatures have a “creature buff” that can be cast on all the friendly units (like an […]

RPG system – Part IV

Practically finished the technological aspects of the RPG system, with the addition of channeled and area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. Had to change some of the RPG flow because of the periodic effects. The problem was that it caused some erratic behaviors; considering that we had an “heartbeat” in the system, ticking every 2 seconds. So, every […]

RPG system – Part III

Work continued on the RPG system this weekend, mostly the technological components. By “technological components” I mean the code that actually drives the spells and abilities system (including cooldowns, cast times, life-shaping, etc). This was quite a complicated system to build, because it is all written in Lua (which makes some stuff easier, but debugging […]

RPG system – Part II

This weekend I’ve worked more on the RPG system of Grey. The health and resource system I managed to complete last week. In my RPG system, you can think of “resource” as fuel for abilities. Mages have “mana” as a resource, life-shapers “resolve”, warriors have “bravado”, and so forth. Currently, I’ve only worked on the […]

RPG system – Part I

Spent most of the weekend working on the RPG system of “Grey”. The mechanics of “Grey” require a stable (C)RPG foundation, with all the usual systems, like primary attributes, derived attributes, talent trees, equipment and buffs/debuffs, and building that is a challenge. Of course, I could have used one of the dozens of open/free RPG […]