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Editor effects

Today I started adding the rendering effects to the editor, since I’ll need them to build some stuff for the teaser trailer I’m working on… First I had to get it working again properly (a lot of changes since I last used it), but that didn’t take long… Then, time to add the ambient occlusion […]

Finished the per-pixel shaders

As the title indicates, today I finished up the other shaders in per-pixel mode… Still need to port them over to OpenGL (I’ve done them on Direct3D because I still don’t trust the OpenGL renderer that much), but that should be a couple of hours… Now listening to “Sirenian Shores” by “Sirenia” Link of the […]

Per-pixel lighting

First draft of the per-pixel lighting on “Gateway”… It’s a bit hard to see the effect, because the vertex density is quite high normally. Per vertex: Per pixel: You can notice it especially on the edge of light behind the player… Still missing the per-pixel lighting on the other shaders of the game, but it […]

GLSL Optimizer

Today I integrated GLSL Optimizer to my shader code… It had some quirks: Doesn’t accept #line directives with name of the files, so I have to strip that when feeding it Doesn’t accept OpenGL 3.30 shaders   This last one isn’t that bad, although I was using 3.30 shaders (the tutorials I was using were […]


Today I worked on building a preprocessor for GLSL… Well, I didn’t exactly built a preprocessor, GLSL has one (contrary to what I understood previously), but it doesn’t work like the Direct3D one. On the D3D one, when I ask him to compile a shader, I give him a series of preprocessor macros and he […]

Our editor

A big slice of our development “budget” has gone into SurgeED, something I’ve been working on and off for the last two years… SurgeED is a world editor with some “workspace” capabilities. The idea is that we don’t just author maps in it, we aggregate all our development tools and utilities into this unified system, […]