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Doing some multitasking…

So working on two things at the same time: getting a Linux Mint install to work properly, and finding a good way to debug/profile compute shaders… Decided to try Linux Mint because I ran into a problem with some updates on Ubuntu 14.04… It’s not the first time this happens. I install something on Ubuntu […]

More Compute Shaders

After getting compute shaders working properly yesterday, decided to check some profiling… After some moving code around, got some rudimentary profiling working. In terms of CPU flow, running the compute shader to sum 33 million elements took about 0.2 ms (against 37ms of CPU time)… This looks great, in theory… But the reality is way […]

Compute Shaders

Started today with compute shaders… The concepts behind them are a bit weird at first, especially the relation between threads and groups, read/write orders, barriers, etc… Anyway, I made some headway and I have a naïve compute shader that sums all elements of an array… Impressive, I know, but it’s a start… Now I can […]

Finally fixed!

This was a tough one to track… Ended up using GL Monitor to list all the calls and looking at them in detail, trying to figure out what was happening there… The problem was the redundant texture switch system. To minimize texture changes, before I set a texture I see if that texture is already […]

Weird bug…

Today I was trying to finalize the Mac version so I could send it to the UI artist, and I found a really weird bug… So, sometimes the ship landing looks like this: So, first guess: shader… But this only happens on the Mac build, it works fine on the Linux and Windows build… Still, […]

Editor effects

Today I started adding the rendering effects to the editor, since I’ll need them to build some stuff for the teaser trailer I’m working on… First I had to get it working again properly (a lot of changes since I last used it), but that didn’t take long… Then, time to add the ambient occlusion […]

Finished the per-pixel shaders

As the title indicates, today I finished up the other shaders in per-pixel mode… Still need to port them over to OpenGL (I’ve done them on Direct3D because I still don’t trust the OpenGL renderer that much), but that should be a couple of hours… Now listening to “Sirenian Shores” by “Sirenia” Link of the […]

Per-pixel lighting

First draft of the per-pixel lighting on “Gateway”… It’s a bit hard to see the effect, because the vertex density is quite high normally. Per vertex: Per pixel: You can notice it especially on the edge of light behind the player… Still missing the per-pixel lighting on the other shaders of the game, but it […]