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Story link issues

Today I lost most of my dev time working on a bug… This new area has two things I’ve never used: A cutscene that spans two different areas Two “special areas” right after each other (without passing a planet area before) Both of these resulted in a problem with managing areas with the multi-threaded system… […]

Finished initial cutscene

Finished the initial cutscene, I’m quite proud of it… Well, not really, really proud, but it looks good… Now I just need to wrap up the area (some props, etc), and add the enemies that will be making the player’s life difficult! Now listening to “Legion of Boom” by “The Crystal Method” Link of the […]

Working on the cutscene

Work continues on the start sequence of the game… Most of the work is on the cutscene itself. After all, you want to make a good impression! The gameplay part shouldn’t take long, but moving the tutorial back to here will be a pain! Now listening to “Luna Park Ride” by “Tarja” Link of the […]

Playthrough, Part XVI

Finally finished the corporate based… was expecting to take way less time on this! It has some fairly cool moments, though, and the end fight is challenging… Just missing some cutscenes and the final area, and I’m “story-complete” and can start doing a second pass on the game (to check what I broke along the […]

Finished the machine room

Finally I finished the machine room… It may be a bit too hard, at least with the level of gear I have equipped in the game at this stage (but I deliberately kept myself back, to give me a handicap that enables me to gauge more precisely what would happen with an ordinary player). Still, […]

Playthrough, Part XV

Still advancing in the game… This is very time consuming, I keep pushing my standards higher as I’m becoming more adept with my own tools, and get more ideas for how to turn the few elements I have in more interesting stuff… Started a new area, already progressing nicely… The gameplay is a bit different […]

Finished cultist base

Finally finished the cultist base… Small details were making life hard for me, but it’s done… The final cutscene was very big, and I had some difficulty getting the text right… Also improved the machine gun fire, since it looked terrible in low light circumstances: Next step: another base facility… This time I want to […]

More cultists…

Not much work today, just added and balanced the cultists in their base: Getting ready for my vacations in a few days, preparing some blog entries in advance, because on some of the days I won’t even have laptop access, let alone code or blog about it… Now listening to “Whoracle” by “In Flames” Link […]

Cultist base

Today I’ve worked mainly on the cultist’s base… I wanted to make a different environment, but that still looked like a base, so I used the temple tileset and placed the “base” on top of a lava lake… I’ve also played around with the fake lighting on some torches, to give it more ambient: It’s […]