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Well, I was supposed to start working on the new random mission system (the main part of Phase Two), but I started by writing the shotgun descriptions for the shop, and then I started playing around with it, and decided to improve the visuals slightly: The small “explosions” are very fast, and they show the […]

More text, some math…

Today I fixed some more of the text system, it looks much better than yesterday now, in terms of spacing (which makes the text easier to read): Also fixed some bugs with z-fighting (still plenty to go around with a 24-bit buffer), and now the fade-outs go to real black (annoyed the hell out of […]

Fixing text

After yesterday’s update for multilingual support, today I had to change a lot of scripts to conform to this new usage type. Scripts became clearer, which is a big advantage. Also introduced this update to the tutorial system, and the Captain’s Log system… Still need to do these changes in the hardcoded C++ part (game […]

Speech System

Revamped the speech system a bit, to make it easier to script and to prepare for the future in terms of multi-language (not sure if it will ever have more than one language, but this way it’s just a matter of translating a directory)… Previously, the script for a text exchange would be something like: […]

GUI work…

One of the main problems in my games is the GUI (Graphic User Interface)… I never really found a good way to build controls and iterate different GUIs, which led me to hating GUI work and usually doing a terrible job at it! On Grey, the GUI is very important, and as such I don’t […]

Formatted text…

I’m on vacation, but since I don’t have much access to technology (since I’m visiting neglected friends, etc), I haven’t had much time to work on Grey. Anyway, my latest development was that I built a “formatted text” control… The idea was to use some XML-based language (similar to HTML) and use it to describe […]

Flavor text

  Happy new year, everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates, but the holiday season is hectic for all of us. We didn’t get as much work as we wanted on this season (but then again, we never do!). For my part, I just scraped enough time between eating and being with the family to […]