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Progress update…

Although there hasn’t been much updates in the blog, work has been very productive lately… First of all, Rincewind has started modeling the new “Grey” character, based on this concept I may have posted this before, but there you go… He has a more “wildman” streak to it, which is a bit more different than […]

Merge project tool

Sorry about the lack of updates, but the day job was hectic and I had some personal stuff to sort out… Even so, I’ve had time to make another detour in terms of development roadmap and started building a “project merge” tool… Everything we’re doing in Grey is done on the SurgeEd tool, which manages […]

RPG system – Part I

Spent most of the weekend working on the RPG system of “Grey”. The mechanics of “Grey” require a stable (C)RPG foundation, with all the usual systems, like primary attributes, derived attributes, talent trees, equipment and buffs/debuffs, and building that is a challenge. Of course, I could have used one of the dozens of open/free RPG […]