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Mapping actions…

Most of the major code of the action mapper is done, now I need to convert the existing code to use the action mapper instead of the previous systems… On some cases this might prove tricky (the email viewer, for example), since it was one of the first things I’ve created, so it’s a bit […]

Finished the equipment screen

Well, if I knew it would take me so little time, I’d made the equipment screen a long time ago… It’s just that it is UI work, and I really hate UI work! It’s quite simple… In the right, there’s the passive gear (some of it used to be active, but I’m switching it to […]

Equipment screen

Working hard on getting the equipment screen up and running… It’s already functional, just needs more tweaking to work properly… Visually is looks terrible, but I won’t waste time on this for now… Now listening to “The Chemical Wedding” by “Bruce Dickinson” Link of the Day: Everybody knows I love me some Assassin’s Creed… and […]

Working on the shop…

To be able to make the equipment screen properly, I need to finish the shop… And working on it, I saw it wasn’t very pleasant to use: the mouse wheel didn’t scroll the item list, double clicking wouldn’t buy stuff, you didn’t have any indication of the amount of items of one type you had… […]

UI overhaul

Today I had a friend of mine coming by and seeing the game… He kindly offered to work on the UI of the game, which is awesome. He’s a very talented artist, so we here welcome his help! I’m sure we will go from this: to something that looks good! Now listening to “Universal Migrator, […]

New UI system

In the last weeks, I’ve been working on and off in my new UI system… It’s about the 100th time I try to make an UI system for a game, since I always end up with a system that I don’t like… First of all, I hate UI work, it’s simply not fun… Second, I’m […]

Progress update…

Although there hasn’t been much updates in the blog, work has been very productive lately… First of all, Rincewind has started modeling the new “Grey” character, based on this concept I may have posted this before, but there you go… He has a more “wildman” streak to it, which is a bit more different than […]