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Text review

I’m in Belgium for work, and I hate programming on the laptop (keyboard layout is not confortable), so this is a good time to do a scan of the text of the game, searching for errors and tweaking pieces of text… Boring work, though… Now listening to “The Singularity” by “Scar Symmetry” Link of the […]

Massive flu

I’m in the grip of a massive flu, so just some minor writing, proof-reading and other stuff I can do on my laptop… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to normal coding… #nobreaksforindydevs Now listening to my own breathing sounding like Darth Vader

Yet more writing…

More writing… Also did some balancing of the time-warp gear (which is quite cool in effect, to be honest), and started doing some research on OpenGL… Now listening to “The New Mythology Suite” by “Symphony X” Link of the Day: Quite an interesting read, from an historic and development perspective, regarding the 10 years of […]

More writing, and a dash of pirate lairs!

More writing done today, still plowing through the gear/weapon texts, but also added the pirate lairs to the generation of the game galaxy. Also needed a way to remove all that type of structures from planets where storyline events will take place, to avoid overlaps. Now listening to “Sunset of the Golden Age” by “Alestorm”

Mostly writing…

The perfect storm: not much free time, and a new WoW expansion=not much work done today… As the title says, mostly writing… I intended to write at least one weapon description per-day, but I really fell behind on that, since I’m very lazy… So, today, instead of carrying on work with the AI, I decided […]

Machine gun

Yet again, I started writing weapon descriptions and get lost in something else midway… In this case, the target was the machine gun, and while the visuals were good this time, the balance was completely off, so I had to work on that a bit. Still think the balance of the end-tier machine gun is […]


Well, I was supposed to start working on the new random mission system (the main part of Phase Two), but I started by writing the shotgun descriptions for the shop, and then I started playing around with it, and decided to improve the visuals slightly: The small “explosions” are very fast, and they show the […]


Not much time for game dev today, so I just tinkered with writing some additional tutorials, and some weapon descriptions…   I’ll have to avoid my usual way of approaching this kind of thing, which is to tackle a task (in this case “Write weapon/gear text”) all at once… This won’t work for the writing… […]