Steve is a run of the mill, loveable space rogue that fell onto hard times. Caught between the law and an enigmatic anonymous message, he jumps into the Omega Sector, the far edges of human colonized space, where strange robotic creatures have been detected, and where the message promised untold wealth...

Gateway: Chronicles of Steve is a retro-inspired, voxel-based, action-adventure shooter.


  • Arcade game style - easy to pickup, hard to master
  • Story-driven, based on classic 50's science-fiction literature and comics
  • Procedurally generated planets, based on 8 biome types
  • Procedurally generated enemies and bosses
  • Random mission system, to complement the storyline
  • Open-world exploration
  • Online co-op and competitive multiplayer
  • Crafting system for weapons
  • Achievements and trophies
  • A mixture of 2d and 3d graphics, using a custom engine that supports Windows, OsX and Linux



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