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Loads of news

I’m a terrible communicator… I should have done this post more than a week ago, but with crunch going on for Strikers Edge, time has been at a premium!

Anyway, on to the news…


First, Strikers Edge has gone into beta! It’s going alright… Most bugs found so far have the same root (which we’re working on), and the multiplayer has been more or less behaving (still need a lot of work in some of the latency hiding). Hopefully the next couple of weeks the game will be way more stable and reliable.


We’ve submitted Gateway to the Playstation Talents Awards, which is a competition that helps getting games being published on the PS4, helping with small development costs, dev kits and other stuff like that. Strikers Edge was actually the winner last year.

We got selected for the second phase (so the 10 best games), and we’ll be at Lisboa Games Week in November showing the game to the public and press.


Next week, Strikers Edge will be shown at the Paris Games Week, and Gateway will also be there being shopped to potential publishers (if I have enough time to finish the demo build!).

So a lot is happening, even if there’s not lots of updates on the site!