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Custom areas

Got the custom areas working in game! Still have some work to do in transitioning from custom areas to the normal planet areas, and vice-versa, but the base code is done… I still have a lot of work to do on the temple: introduction cutscene, a new type of enemy, a special hazard and random […]

The cave temple

Just working on the cave temple at the moment… Had to add some scripts to get some effects I wanted, and added fake lighting to the editor… The area will be all dark, but the crystals and the players flashlight… It will also have a new gameplay element (falling rocks), and I still need to […]

Custom voxel objects

Added the custom voxel object to the game today, which solves the problem I explained yesterday. The custom voxel object takes care of heightmap and of inserting the voxel map into the game. I’m still missing the props and the action nodes, but that’s easy to add at this point. Also added some functionality to […]

Merging custom maps

Started work on merging the procedurally generated map with the custom stuff I make in the editor… and only when I started I saw the error of my ways! The way I’m building the procedural world is that I build a heightmap for the world, and then convert that heightmap into voxels, with special cases […]

Running scripts on the editor…

Not much time today, due to being out late yesterday watching a great concert by Painted Black! Anyway, finished the scripting part on the editor (which will be a big help, best of two worlds: the creativity of WYSIWYG tools, and the precision/work-saving power of programming!), and found a series of small bugs on the […]

And done!

Editor is now complete… I’ll probably add some more tools to it as I go along using it, but for now it’s complete enough for my purposes. Even mirroring and constraints are supported, besides solving the bugs with the bounding boxes (basically I was adding the position twice to the bounding box when shifting it […]

Not quite yet…

Finished the props system on the editor… It still has some issues, but it’s mostly done! Only thing remaining on the editor are a couple of tools: constraints (so we can do straight lines easily) and mirror (because most of what I do is symmetrical in nature). After that, I can get back to the […]

Almost done with the editor…

Although this is taking a bit more time than I expected (mostly due to feature creep), the editor is almost done, only props and model painting is missing from it… And it looks great! The editor now supports custom brushes, that can be made by saving a map created this way… On the above screenshot, […]

More progress on the editor

Added colors (diffuse and emissive) to the editor, which improves the gamut of choices…   There’s still some bugs… rebuilding the mesh when I paint voxels sometimes does a bad job, but I think that has to do with the update of the mesh itself, because when I force a refresh (which deletes the meshes, […]

Small progress on the editor

Yesterday I had a very long evening, and as such today I’m a bit hungover, which means not a lot of energy for development… Anyway, keeping with my own pledge to do at least a bit every day, I progressed a bit further in the editor. Now the editing area can be grown/shrunk, and the […]