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More OpenGL 3.2

So I figured out the issue… I didn’t have a “Vertex Array Object” associated to the rendering… It’s apparently the equivalent to Vertex Declarations on Direct3D… It’s easy to fix when you figure out the problem, but OpenGL is remarkably hard to search for in the net, since there’s a lot of versions available, and […]

OpenGL 3.2

So I started working on porting the game from OpenGL 3.2 with backwards compatibility to OpenGL 3.2 without any backwards compatibility… So, a lot of debug code and error checking… This was the first result: Not impressive… :\ So now I’m looking at what I’m missing there… The 2d part seems to work fine, the […]

Never according to plan…

As I said yesterday, I’m currently using GLFW to help me in the future to port the game from Windows to Linux and Mac… Of course, nothing goes according to plan… Problem number 1: I thought I could use GLFW to handle all the window/keyboard/mouse events, both in OpenGL and DirectX, but that is not […]

OpenGL device enumeration

“How do I get the available resolutions in OpenGL?” This seems like a simple question, but it’s not! While on Direct3D, this is part of the API, it seems that it goes in fact straight to the Win32 API and retrieve that… So, OpenGL would have to do the same, and that obviously enough can’t […]

Finally, some productivity…

Today was quite productive, although there’s not much outside changes… Got the OpenGL multithreading error, and the cross-compiling support for ATI and nVidia GLSL working! I was quite surprised with the OpenGL multithreading, it worked at first try, and it’s actually a quite big piece of code! Anyway, also added the possibility of the player […]

ATI woes…

Started the day nicely by fixing the bug with the planetary landing… the issue was that now we have two dropship objects (one in the ship, the other one in the planet), since we now preload the planet data, and the game decided that when it was the time to have the landing cutscene, it […]

Decals fully working!

After a long time (too long, really), finally got the OpenGL decals working… The problem ended up being something quite simple: in the Direct3D pipeline I was storing the W value for depth, while on OpenGL I was storing the Z value… Although the two values are quite similar in my test scenes, they’re different […]

OpenGL decals

Still in the middle of a massive flu, which might explain the fact that I can’t get decals to work on OpenGL… They almost work, but there’s something wrong somewhere, and I can’t figure out where! They only display if I remove one of the box checks (the Y axis), so my guess is that […]