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More bug fixing

Today was mostly about fixing bugs in the different ports, adjusting small issues that arise from there, and fixing the broken audio system… So, the result is: Right side is the game running Windows (Direct3D), middle is Ubuntu 14.04 and left is iMac! Everything is fully functional, from my tests… Next step is seeing if […]

More OpenGL 3.2

So I figured out the issue… I didn’t have a “Vertex Array Object” associated to the rendering… It’s apparently the equivalent to Vertex Declarations on Direct3D… It’s easy to fix when you figure out the problem, but OpenGL is remarkably hard to search for in the net, since there’s a lot of versions available, and […]

OpenGL 3.2

So I started working on porting the game from OpenGL 3.2 with backwards compatibility to OpenGL 3.2 without any backwards compatibility… So, a lot of debug code and error checking… This was the first result: Not impressive… :\ So now I’m looking at what I’m missing there… The 2d part seems to work fine, the […]

Mac port, Part 3

…and a big problem! So, I got the game to compile, and link… Was a bit of work, but most of the hardest part was done before on the Linux port, since they’re very similar… And then I find out that Yosemite (the current version of OSX) only supports OpenGL 3.2 (and upwards) and below […]

Mac port, Part 2

So, more work on the Mac port today… XCode is so full of weirdness… Maybe for a Mac-head, it all makes perfect sense, but for me, it seems it goes the most roundabout way possible to do simple stuff like linking projects (with dependencies), etc… So, small list of issues today (and solutions, in case […]

Working Linux build!

And after a lot of tears, blood and sweat, I got a Linux build of the game working 100%! Even sound is working perfectly! Now I’m feeling the urge to get this working on the Mac as well, but I’m not sure if I want to fight that battle just yet… Maybe I’ll look into […]

64-bit Windows Build

Finished today the 64-bit windows build… This was a bit more work than I expected, since there was small stuff that wasn’t prepared for that, bugs to sort out, linkage issues, etc… Anyway, got it up and running and now I can pass those changes to the Linux version, and see if that works properly […]

Linux Porting, Part 3–The Linkagening, Part 2

Finally finished the 64-bit porting (syntax/compile-wise), and after a couple of hours, all libraries are linked! So now, time to run the game for the first time: Bah, more issues with .SOs… Most of the stuff I actually compiled as a static library (or is included with the system), but this one I can’t… So […]

Linux Porting, Part 3–The Linkagening

So today I finished compiling the main game code, and I stepped into linking, and I started having issues, mainly mismatches between 32-bit and 64-bit libraries… I was trying to compile the game in 32-bit (don’t need the memory space of 64-bit), but after some soul-searching (about 10 minutes of it), I decided to go […]