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Navigation and bugs

Today I tackled a difficult subsystem: the “make sure you can walk everywhere” system. I have a system that makes sure the player can walk on all the game area, and usually it would raise/lower terrain to achieve that… That work relatively well, but with the rivers, etc, lowering and raising terrain would sometimes screw […]

Props and bugs

Today I finally added the props into the custom voxel scene, which finally composed the scene. Also added the action nodes and in the case of the temple, makes a carving spawn there (if you haven’t picked it up yet). Also fixed a bug that was nagging me for ages in the game sometimes… Sometimes, […]

Finding a path…

Grey is a game that has a lot of Artificial Intelligence (AI), since the player is mostly on the role of a “general”-type of figure, commanding his minions. One of the most important tasks in AI in this game will be the path-finding. Path-finding is the game subsystem responsible for finding out what’s the path […]