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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Some thoughts…

Although we haven’t been able to work on Grey for some time now, I haven’t stopped thinking about games… First of all, I‘m delving into The Critical Path Project. It’s a collection of interviews with some of the world’s best known game designers, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there… One thing that […]

And we’re back!

Back from Germany, although buried in work… For the next weeks I won’t be able to put much work into Grey, so the technical side will be a bit delayed… Hopefully the artist will manage to keep busy and show some new stuff! Anyway, just to let you all know we’re still alive!

Refactoring done!

Finally, after almost 57 hours of work, I’ve finished the refactoring of the resource system and adaptation of the SurgePlayer to use those changes! It’s a bit frustrating to be honest, to put in so many hours in a single task and the end result is everything looking exactly the same, but internally the system […]

Building seamless roofs…

I know, I know, we’ve been silent… But we’ve been working! On my part, I’ve been refactoring the resource system, and the task is almost complete for Spellbook and the Surge Player… Still need to tweak some minor bugs (and stuff I’ve found that was wrong for years and years!), but it’s mostly done, with […]