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Backend coding…

RealJob™ has been kicking my butt lately, and I’m waiting on the GUI work so I’ll be able to progress more in the development of the game itself; but none of these reasons has stopped me from work!

Lately, most of what I’ve been doing is backend system coding, stuff like refactoring the collision/intersection system, and the mountpoint system, which I also added support for in SurgeEd.

In case you’re wondering, refactoring is when you take an existing piece of code and you streamline, clean it up, organize it better and improve it without actually adding any new functionalities… I have this urge from time to time when I look at old systems in Spellbook.

In this case, it was the collision/intersection system, which was becoming too unwieldy in terms of organization and new feature addition. Mountpoint had to be reworked so they’d support objects with scaling in the mountpoints themselves (a sword in the hand of a big ogre has a different size than the same sword in the hand of a gnome or something).

Anyway, I still have some stuff to add to the editor that the artist requested; I also want to add support for “effects” in the editor, so that I can create the template for the “Frost Skeleton”, which is one of the earlier nasties we’ll find in Grey.

Hopefully next week I won’t be so tired of RealJob™ and I’ll manage to get more done when I get home than I could this week…