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Working on the shop…

To be able to make the equipment screen properly, I need to finish the shop… And working on it, I saw it wasn’t very pleasant to use: the mouse wheel didn’t scroll the item list, double clicking wouldn’t buy stuff, you didn’t have any indication of the amount of items of one type you had… […]

Let’s go shopping!

Today I didn’t have much time to work on the game… Just fixed the problems with the shop caused by the refactor of the item system. Still need to display somewhere the amount of items of that type the player already has available (grenades, fuel, etc), but I might leave that for when I receive […]

Refactoring the item system

Working on the equipment screen (UI work, which I hate)… I’ve had to refactor all the item system, since it was the same since the 48-hour version of the game, which was clearly inadequate for this task. Yep, this is what my whole work hours looked like! Tomorrow I hope to see if I broke […]


Finished balancing the last boss today, yay! It might not be a big challenge if the player is well geared, but it still requires some attention and a moderate amount of skill! Just missing three more elements and first pass is done: Equipment Screen Health Injectors Title Screen (to replace the ugly one below): It […]

More work on the cutscene

Second part of the cutscene is done… This is a bit slow going because my “tools” to make them are crap… If I had on Cantrip the tools I have on Spellbook, this would have been done for ages now! Since this part takes place in a familiar place, I can do a not-censured screenshot! […]

More effects…

Well, at this rate I won’t finish the story part by Sunday, but sometimes playing with effects is so much fun… Today, I kind of lost track of time working on the background effect of the last area, which led to a very interesting effect, which lends the whole area a completely different tone… So, […]

Bugs on the editor

Today I mostly struggled with a bug on my editor. I’ve added a shader to one of the voxel materials, to give it a special effect to the end zone, but when I tried to add some alpha to it, it wouldn’t display anything… After an hour or so of searching the wrong place, I […]