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Voxel models

Work has almost stalled to a halt after ComicCon, due to the beta of Strikers Edge and Christmas… We’ve been experimenting with voxel modelling tools, and the idea of switching the characters from billboards to voxel models instead:   This is still experimental, but the idea was to gives more “volume” to the characters, and […]

Loads of work!

So today I took the day off so I could work on Gateway… Most of the work was small tweaks based on feedback I got at the Lisboa Games Week, to prepare an even better demo for the last round of Playstation Talents and for ComicCon Portugal next week. I noticed in the demo that […]

Lisboa Games Week is done!

And it was great! I got a lot of useful feedback, a lot of people came to try the game (and thanks everybody that voted for me!), and most people seem to have genuine fun with the demo! Some photos of the event: The event itself was very nice, with the usual problems on these […]

Co-op proof of concept

Following some of the feedback we’ve got at some of the trade fairs we’ve been showing Gateway at, I’ve decided to try and mock-up the multiplayer aspect of the game. For the proof of concept, it’s a local only co-op multiplayer, but it works fully, and it’s a lot of fun to play! To be […]

New enemy art

Well, it’s a been a long time since I wrote something here… The main reason is that I’m working in game development as a job, so most of my free time I don’t feel the urge to code games so much as before… In case you’re curious, I’m working on “Striker’s Edge”, an arena based […]

Bug fixing

Today I kind of had some time to work on “Gateway”, so I started working on loads of bugs I’ve found while working on the prototype. Most of the ones I tackled today were pirate lair related… It was some bad spawns, the whirlwind laser wasn’t hitting the player, cannons were firing on the wrong […]

A bit on an update!

No, the game isn’t dead! I’ve been working a game/multimedia development studio in the last few months, and my schedule has been a bit hectic, hence no updates for a while. A lot of good things have come out of it… I’m loving my work, and I’m making new contacts! Anyway, there has been some […]


Today I squashed an old bug… I had a cave planet whose generation ended up being this: So the player couldn’t get out of the initial drop zone! I have a lot of code to try to prevent this sort of thing, but sometimes some stuff falls through the cracks… That’s actually one of the […]

Doing some multitasking…

So working on two things at the same time: getting a Linux Mint install to work properly, and finding a good way to debug/profile compute shaders… Decided to try Linux Mint because I ran into a problem with some updates on Ubuntu 14.04… It’s not the first time this happens. I install something on Ubuntu […]

More Compute Shaders

After getting compute shaders working properly yesterday, decided to check some profiling… After some moving code around, got some rudimentary profiling working. In terms of CPU flow, running the compute shader to sum 33 million elements took about 0.2 ms (against 37ms of CPU time)… This looks great, in theory… But the reality is way […]