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Time for an update!

Well, again a long time has gone by… Time has been very limited lately, due to work (long hours, and very tired), but some progress has been made… The storyline/cutscenes have been progressing nicely, with the silly engine I’m using behaving better than expected! A lot of small bugs fixed, pirate camps added to the […]

Portability work

Work has been progressing lately, albeit not too fast… Anyway, most of the work lately has been on the portability, since I want this game to come out for Windows, Mac and Linux… Problem with this is that the framework I’ve been using (the one from my 48-hour compos) wasn’t designed with portability in mind, […]

Not many updates…

As you probably noticed, there hasn’t been any updates for more than one month… Reason for this was the Christmas break, and DayJob has been very intense lately, with some expansion being prepared… Motivation has also not been soaring lately (probably due to the down time), but I intend to rectify that maybe next weekend, […]

Wow, much work, many pixels!

Well, work has been progressing immensely on “Chrome Hunter”, but I really haven’t stopped to write much… I’ve done one million things in the game, and now it’s starting to look it’s part: cutscenes (simple ones, of course), tutorials, the works… I’m starting to add more work on the actual balancing/story of the game than […]

It’s been 20 days already!?

Well, development has been great… been working a lot of long hours, but it’s a lot of fun… What have we been up to? Well, general improvements and more of everything, really… I’ve been keeping my twitter busy with updates, but again, it’s the old choice between doing more development or blogging We have new […]

Better late than never!

Well, although there hasn’t been many updates on the blog lately, I’ve been working like a maniac both for DayJob and for my games! On “Chrome Hunter”, I’ve added one million different things, for example: The player can now jump and fall Jungle planet was refactored to look better, with lakes and rivers Added a […]

Chrome Hunter: Postmortem

Well, as you might have noticed, we stopped blogging in the middle of the project… And that’s the symptoms of “not-enough-time-itis”… Anyway, we’ve finished the game, and I wanted to do a short postmortem on it… What went right Scope wasn’t as bad as it’s usually on 48-hour competitions… We set realistic goals, and we […]

Trees and rocks!

I’ve just improved the terrain generator with trees and rocks… These can be different (in quantity and image) depending on the type of planet… It really improves the overall look, and although they’re just cosmetic (no collision detection for now, at least), it also has gameplay impact (for example, jungle planet becomes harder because you […]