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Today I had full intention of starting the last area of the game, but I got sidetracked with small stuff, mainly related to bugs I’ve introduced in the latest refactoring rounds… This is what my evening was like: But I killed a lot of bugs, and added some more functionalities, namely quick save/load. Quicksave was […]

Playthrough, Part XVI

Finally finished the corporate based… was expecting to take way less time on this! It has some fairly cool moments, though, and the end fight is challenging… Just missing some cutscenes and the final area, and I’m “story-complete” and can start doing a second pass on the game (to check what I broke along the […]

Sewer lights

Today was a bit frustrating… I thought I was going to be able to start the last custom area of the game, but instead I was struggling trying to make the sewers look good… The sewers are an area with some glowing gloop, and I wanted that to be the only light, so do a […]

Finished the machine room

Finally I finished the machine room… It may be a bit too hard, at least with the level of gear I have equipped in the game at this stage (but I deliberately kept myself back, to give me a handicap that enables me to gauge more precisely what would happen with an ordinary player). Still, […]

Gas vents

Today I added the gas vent element to the game: It’s a nifty gameplay element, although I’ll probably only use it in a couple of places… Frequency, phase, length, etc, all of those can be configured in the editor, which is good from a game design perspective (can see how will they behave without loading […]

New enemy!

Today has been an horrible day in terms of work, and that translated in a terrible game development process… But, after a lot of grief with (yet again) the pathfinder, here’s the new enemy: These spawn from nodes (until they’re destroyed) and hunt the player down… If they reach him they either hit him, or […]

Lighting system

Finished the lighting system I started yesterday… The results are rather good and easy to use (and no more silly crashes). The light generation is fast enough that I can do it in runtime, when the level loads, which is easier to manage in terms of files (no need to keep an unlit file). Now, […]

More editor stuff

A plan is something that exists until the first contact with reality… Tonight I was intending to start the level design for the corporate HQ, but when I started lighting the place I saw the flaw in my plan… Most of the levels I’ve made so far have a very small number of lights… And […]

Building visuals

Today I didn’t have much time to work on the game, but it was highly productive… I was trying out different approaches to the visuals on the corporate facility, playing with tilesets and lighting to achieve a proper mood… First, I tried just the classic red lighting: It looks good, but it’s a bit cliché […]