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Today I started work on the last scene of the game, the final conflict! I don’t want to give much away at this time, so this is the only viable screenshot: Anyway, this last part will have an unique enemy, which will be very different from the previous ones, and visually will be mostly procedurally […]

Cutscene finally over!

As the title indicates, I finally finished the cutscene I was working on… This one was very challenging… First, the camera angles and the motion was a bit off… I couldn’t really tell what was wrong with it, but I needed a lot of trial and error to get it to feel right. The problem […]

Playthrough, Part XVII

Nothing much today, except for working on one of the last cutscenes of the game… This one is kind of complicated, because I’m trying to make it a bit more dynamic through camera-work that the others in the game (if this works properly, I’ll probably review all the others with my “newfound” talents). I’ve started […]

AI issues fixed!

Finally managed to fix the AI issues with the “large scale battle”. There was a lot of small mistakes, but one was the real culprit – The Line-Of-Sight (LOS) functions: the “lost LOS to target” and “regained LOS on target” functions weren’t exactly “symmetric”, which meant that I would lose the agro correctly, and would […]

AI issues

Still working on the AI issues I’ve found yesterday, although I’m getting closer to the problem… I’ve built some rudimentary debug tools to track this issue, and I found the culprit… Basically, the AI twitches because it acquires and loses LOS on the current agro target. The idea of the AI is to track the […]

More AI trouble

For the cutscene I’m currently building, I need an epic battle feel between a lot of cultists and corporate hit men… The basic code for it works fine (they have a faction and all the aggression code is based on that). To make the fight never-ending, as soon as one dies, another spawns. The problem […]

Throwing the towel…

Looking at what I still have to do to make the game playable, and considering the time I’ve already used up, I’ve decided to throw the towel… I don’t have enough time to finish the game, and even if I can make it playable (which is unlikely), it won’t be balanced or fun. I really […]

Still not much…

Due to the fact that I’m running super-late (all my estimations were wrong), I’ve not been blogging that much, nor have I been keeping track of what other people are doing (which is too bad, that’s one of my favorite parts). Hopefully, today will go a little better. Anyway, here’s the latest screenshot… It shows […]