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Finished the arenas

Today I finished the gameplay arenas, that the beta-testers will use to (hopefully) provide me with more information about the balancing of the game. Balancing is something very tricky, and something I fear a lot… I have the theory that people will play a crap game with great balancing, but never a good game with […]

More progress on the arena

Today I created the arenas where the testing will take place, as most of the logic behind it… Now I just need to add the “queries” at the end of a fight, so that the beta-tester can give feedback like how hard it was, and why did he think that in a category way, so […]

Test arena

Besides writing, I’ve started the arena system. The idea of the arena system is to have a mode that I can give the beta testers to test different situations and rate them appropriately, so I have a more objective set of measures to balance the game. In arena mode, the game starts in an easy […]

Starting work on the arena…

The merge tool is finally done, and while it was a truckload of work, it was worth it for the amount of small bugs I found… Nothing was too serious or hard to fix, but most where quite complicated to find and would be hard to fix later! I’m finally finished with all the detours […]

Progress update…

After a big fight in these last nights, I got rid of most of the critical bugs in the editor, which means that me and Rincewind will start assembling the arena for our first milestone… I wonder how long until we find the first critical bug! The idea behind the first milestone is to have […]